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Checklist (Bank Account Nonearnings Garnishment Packets) {CVGNE10f} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Arizona

Checklist (Bank Account Nonearnings Garnishment Packets) {CVGNE10f}

This is a Arizona form that can be used for Civil within Local County, Maricopa, Superior Court.

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C 226 BANK ACCOUNT / NONEARNINGS GARNISHMENT PACKETS CV/TJ Printed Name of Attorney Signing the Certification Instructions: Review each garnishment packet thoroughly before submission. Place a check mark next to the document or action taken to indicate that the document is included with the packet and that the action has been taken. The first four documents must be included and all actions must be taken unless otherwise indicated. Place the on top of the packet. Any packet that does not contain this or contains an incomplete will be summarily rejected and returned without review. An attorney must sign and date the certification and give his / her bar number. After this , please place the relevant documents in the following order: Judgment Against Garnishee (required) Garnishee222s Answer (required) Application For Judgment Against Garnishee (required) Underlying Judgment (required) Statement of Costs (if seeking costs, submit statement with documentation for all costs requested except the filing fee) Affidavit for Attorneys222 Fees (if requesting attorneys222 fees, the affidavit must set forth the tasks performed and time spent on each task, as well as the statutory basis for the award. Please note: if the garnishee has timely and properly answered and there is no objection to the garnishment proceeding, the garnishment statutes do not authorize an award of attorneys222 fees. The following actions have been taken: The garnishee was served with the writ of garnishment within Arizona. (The Court has no jurisdiction otherwise). The name of the relevant judgment debtor(s) is set forth in the body (not just the caption) of the judgment. // is the date the garnishee222s Answer shows that the Answer and Notice were delivered to the judgment debtor. (Do not submit unless the date and manner of delivery are shown in the garnishee222s Answer). The judgment provides a space for reasonable compensation if requested by the garnishee in the Answer. Garnished monies or property must be released to the debtor and the garnishee discharged if a judgment is not signed within 90 days of the date the garnishee222s Answer is filed with the Clerk of the Court. A.R.S. 247 12-1587. If submitting the garnishment packet within two weeks of said date, set forth said date here and call the assigned division to make sure the division is not on vacation; clearly mark your packet as a priority. If the garnishment involves a bank account, review the garnishee222s Answer and check only one of the following: The Answer shows that the bank account is not jointly held with a third party who is not a judgment debtor; or If a third party is involved, submit a motion and order to join the third party, as well as a copy of the answer. Use the template for third party joinder found on the court222s website as the format for your form of order. Submit the required number of stamped, addressed envelopes and sufficient copies of the order joining the third party. (If unsure of the required number of envelopes or copies, call the assigned division). I certify that I have reviewed the attached garnishment packet. The documents checked above are included and the actions checked above have been taken. The documents and actions not checked are not relevant to this garnishment Attorney Name and Bar Number Date 251 Superior Court of Arizona in Maricopa County Page 1 of 1 CVGNE10f - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 5952 American LegalNet, Inc.

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