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Request For Continuance-Misdemeanor {L-1050} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | California

Request For Continuance-Misdemeanor {L-1050}

This is a California form that can be used for Criminal within Local County, Orange.

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Optional Use REQUEST FOR CONTINUANCE - MISDEMEANOR Form L - 1050 Revised December 20 14 S U P E RI O R C O URT O F C A L IF O R N I A , C O UN T Y O F ORANGE J U S T I C E C E N T E R : Central 700 Civic Center Dr. West, Santa Ana, CA 92701 - 4045 Harbor 4601 Jamboree Rd., Newport Beach, CA 92660 - 2595 North 1275 N. Berkeley Ave., P.O. Box 5000, Fullerton, CA 92838 - 0500 West 8141 13 th St., Westminster, CA 92683 - 4593 FOR C O UR T U S E O NL Y T HE PE OP LE O F T HE S T A T E O F C A LIF O R NIA VS. D E F E N D A N T : REQUE S T FOR CO N TIN U A N C E - M I S DE M E A NOR C A S E N U M B E R: Defendant : Present Counsel appearing pursuant to Penal Code 247 977(a) Continuance is at the request of: People Defendant Both Continue Arraignment to . Defendant waives time to be arraigned today. Pre - Trial to . Trial to . Trial date of to remain / vacated. Other hearing: to . Defendant does NOT waive time. Defendant enters / maintains general time waiver as set forth in PC 247 1382(a)(3)(A). Defendant expressly and in open court withdraws general time waiver as set forth in PC 247 1382(a)(3)(A) . Defendant waives / has waived right to be brought to trial within 30/45 days as set forth in PC 247 1 382(a)(3)(B) . The trial date is Day 0 of 10 . S tate reason (s) for continuance: . I agree to the above - stated continuance and terms: Date: Signature of: Defendant / Defense Attorney Print Name Date: Signature of: Deputy District Attorney / City Attorney Print Name FOR COURT USE ONLY American LegalNet, Inc.

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