Report After Order For Pre-Petition Access To Child(ren) And-Or Home {10-29b} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | New York

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Report After Order For Pre-Petition Access To Child(ren) And-Or Home {10-29b} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | New York

Last updated: 1/12/2007

Report After Order For Pre-Petition Access To Child(ren) And-Or Home {10-29b}

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Form10-29b (Child Protective- Report After Court Order] Order for Pre-petition Access to Child(ren) and/or Home) (9/2006) FAMILY COURT OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF In the Matter of Docket No. F.C.A. §1034(2) [Required within 3 business days of A Child(ren) Under the Age of Eighteen Alleged to be Abused or Neglected by REPORT AFTER ORDER FOR PRE-PETITION ACCESS TO CHILD(REN) AND/OR HOME Respondent(s) TO THE FAMILY COURT: I am [ specify job title, agency and county]: and respectfully allege that: 1. On [specify date]: , this Court issued an order [check box]: requiring the parent or other person legally responsible to immediately bring the following child or children [specify names]: for observation and interviews outside the presence of the parent or other person legally responsible: to the following Child Advocacy Center [specify name and address]: to the following person for an interview and observation [specify name and address of interview/observation location]: to the Petitioner/Applicant for an interview and observation as follows [specify, including address of interview/observation]: OR requiring the parent or other person legally responsible to permit me to enter the home to: determine whether an abused or neglected child or children is/are present; conduct a home study to evaluate the home environment of the child or children. 2. Pursuant to the Court's order, I took the following actions and made the following findings and regarding the child(ren) named in the report of suspected child abuse or maltreatment [check applicable boxes]: a. The following child(ren)[specify]: were observed and interviewed on [specify date]: by [specify]: The following findings were made [specify]: The following child(ren)[specify]: have not yet been observed and interviewed, because [specify]: American LegalNet, Inc. Form 10-29b Page 2 b. I entered the home on [specify date]: and found the following: The following child(ren) were present [specify]: The following child(ren) appeared to be abused neglected [specify]: I have been unable to locate the following child(ren) [specify]: I was unable to determine whether any children were abused or neglected. I conducted an evaluation of the home and found the following [specify]: I have not entered the home, because [specify]: c. The report of suspected abuse or maltreatment: has been found to be indicated unfounded is still under investigation. d. The following actions have been taken with respect to this matter: i. The following child(ren) have been removed from the home by Family Court order [specify child(ren)]: on consent of the parent or person legally responsible [specify child(ren)]: on an emergency basis [specify child(ren)]: ii. The following preventive services have been provided to the family [specify]: iii. A petition [Docket #________ ] was filed on [specify date]: A petition is anticipated to be filed on [specify date]: iv. Other [specify any other actions taken]: Dated: Name and Title Agency and County Office Address and Telephone American LegalNet, Inc.

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