UCC Financing Statement (Pursuant To Chapter 9 Of The Commercial Laws) {UCC1F} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Louisiana

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UCC Financing Statement (Pursuant To Chapter 9 Of The Commercial Laws) {UCC1F} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Louisiana

Last updated: 4/13/2015

UCC Financing Statement (Pursuant To Chapter 9 Of The Commercial Laws) {UCC1F}

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UCC-1F Follow instructions carefully. This filing is pursuant to Chapter 9 of the Louisiana Commercial Laws and 1985 Food Security Act. 1. Debtor's exact full legal name - insert only one debtor name (1a or 1b) - do not abbreviate or combine names. 1a Organization's Name OR 1b Individual's Last Name (and Title of Lineage (e.g. Jr. Sr., III, if applicable) First Name Middle Name 1c Mailing Address Add'l info re Organization Debtor: City 1e Type of Organization State 1f Jurisdiction of Organization Postal Code Country 1d Tax ID #: SSN or EIN 1g Organizational ID # if any None 2. Additional debtor's exact full legal name - insert only one debtor name (2a or 2b) - do not abbreviate or combine names. 2a Organization's Name OR 2b Individual's Last Name (and Title of Lineage (e.g. Jr., Sr. III), if applicable) First Name Middle Name 2c Mailing Address City State Postal Code Country 2d Tax ID #: SSN or EIN Add'l info re: Organization Debtor: 2e Type of Organization 2f Jurisdiction of Organization 2g Organizational ID #, if any None SECURED PARTY INFORMATION: Secured Party's Name (or Name of Total Assignee of Assignor S/P) - insert only one secured party name (3a or 3b) 3a Organization's Name OR 3b Individual's Last Name (and Title of Lineage (e.g. Jr., Sr., III), if applicable First Name Middle Name 3c Mailing Address City State Postal Code Country PROPERTY INFORMATION 4. This FINANCING STATEMENT covers the following collateral: 5. Products of collateral are also covered. INDICATE NUMBER OF ADDITIONAL SHEETS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------USE THE FOLLOWING AREA ONLY FOR FARM PRODUCTS REQUIRING EFFECTIVE FINANCING STATEMENT (EFS) FILING IN ACCORDANCE WITH FOOD SECURITY ACT OF 1985 6. This FINANCING STATEMENT covers the following types (of items) of property: Total Amount Security Crop Year Collateral Quantity Amount Parish/Produced Code Collateral Product Code Collateral Product Name 7. Brief Description of collateral (if needed to distinguish from products not subject to security interest): 8. Reasonable description of property (see instruction #5) upon which products are produced or located: Does Secured Party Require Joint Checks? Yes No Optional: (See Instruction #6) Signature of Debtor(s) 9. Return copy to: LOUISIANA SECRETARY OF STATE 2/14/12 10. CHECK TO REQUEST SEARCH REPORT(S) ON DEBTOR(S) (ADDITIONAL FEE REQUIRED) ALL DEBTORS DEBTOR #1 DEBTOR #2 American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS This is a multi-purpose form which may be used for perfection of security interest under Revised Article 9 as well as to provide notice to farm product buyers pursuant to the Federal Food Security Act; however, the sole use of this form only for filing perfection under Revised Article 9 is discouraged. 1. 2. Please type or laser print this form. Be sure it is completely legible. Debtor Name/Taxpayer Identification Number - please read instructions carefully - exact legal name of debtor is crucial. 1a Enter only one Debtor name in Item 1, (organizations's name (1a) or individual's name (1b)). Enter Debtor's exact full legal name. Do not abbreviate. Additional debtors must be entered separately. 1c An address is always required for the Debtor(s) named. 1d Enter Social Security Number, or if other than a natural person, the taxpayer identification number of each person subjecting the farm product to the security interest. 1e, 1f, & 1g Organizational information is required for sufficiency under Revised Article 9. Collateral description: Describe UCC collateral in Item No. 4. Farm Product description in Item No. 6 should be filled out as follows: - COLLATERAL PRODUCT NAME and COLLATERAL PRODUCT CODE must be entered in the appropriate columns (list of codes provided below). - PARISH PRODUCED CODE must be entered. Information relating to a particular farm product produced in more than one parish must be entered on a separate line for each parish of production. - COLLATERAL QUANTITY AMOUNT should be completed only if less than all of debtor's product is covered by security interest. - CROP YEAR must be included unless this UCC-1F covers every year for which this filing is effective (5 years). - DOLLAR AMOUNT OF SECURITY MAY BE INCLUDED. R.S. 3:3654 E(3)(e) requires a reasonable description of the property including the farm name or its general location by section, township and range or the Farm Service Agency (USDA-FSA) farm number where the product is produced or located. This information may be set forth in Item No.8. The EFS must be signed, authorized or otherwise authenticated by the debtor(s). If an Acknowledgement copy is to be returned to other than the Secured Party, please indicate the name and mailing address of the person or firm to whom the copy is to be returned in Item No. 9. Check appropriate box in Item No. 10 to request a Search Report(s) on all or some of the Debtors named in the Financing Statement and submit additional fee of $30 per name search. If you have checked a box in Item No. 10, file Search Request Copy together with the Filing Officer Copy (and Acknowledgement Copy). PROPER PLACE TO FILE: UCC-1F Financing Statement and attachments may be filed with any Louisiana Parish Clerk of Court or with the Recorder of Mortgages in Orleans Parish (without regard to the debtor's address or the location of the collateral or of any related immovable). DO NOT FILE WITH THE SECRETARY OF STATE. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. FARM PRODUCTS LIST AND CODES 3011- Alligator Eggs 3010- Alligators 3015- Antelope 1006- Blackberries 1000- Blueberries 1005- Broccoli 1010- Cabbage 1020- Cantaloupes 1025- Carrots 3020- Catfish 3030- Cattle 1030- Cauliflower 1119- Centipede Grass 3040- Chickens 3042- Chukars 1112- Collard Greens 1040- Corn 1050- Cotton 3045- Crabs 3050- Crawfish 1060- Cucumbers 1070- Cushaw 3055- Deer 1001- Dove 1075- Eggplant 2020- Eggs 1002- Elk 3056- Emu 3057- Fingerlings 1080- Flowers, Ornamental Shrubs 1090- Garlic 3060- Goats 1100- Grapes 1110- Grass 1119- Grass, Centipede 1111- Green Beans 1130- Hay 3061- Hide, Pelts, Skins 3070- Hogs 2030- Honey 3080- Honeybees 3090- Horse 1145- Irish Potatoes 3140- Lamb 1135- Lettuce 1004- Lima Beans 1146- Mayhaw 2040- Milk 1140- Milo 3100- Mink 3101- Minnows 1147- Muscadines 1150- Mushrooms 1114- Mustard Greens 1160- Oats 1165- Okra 1170- Onions 1180- Oranges 3105- Ostrich 3110- Oysters 1190- Peaches PARISH CODES 01- Acadia 02- Allen 03

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