Plaintiffs Request For Production Of Documents Directed To Defendant | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Pennsylvania

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Plaintiffs Request For Production Of Documents Directed To Defendant | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Pennsylvania

Last updated: 4/13/2015

Plaintiffs Request For Production Of Documents Directed To Defendant

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FIRST JUDICIAL DISTRICT OF PENNSYLVANIA IN THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS OF PHILADELPHIA CIVIL TRIAL DIVISION PLAINTIFF(S) Compulsory Arbitration Program COURT TERM: v. NO. DEFENDANT(S) PLAINTIFF(S) REQUEST FOR PRODUCTION OF DOCUMENTS DIRECTED TO DEFENDANT(S) You are requested to produce, in accordance with Pennsylvania Rule of Civil Procedure 4009, the originals or clear, readable copies of the below listed documents and/or items unless protected by attorney-client privilege or work-product doctrine. These documents and/or items will be examined and/or photocopied; photograph negatives will be processed and photographs reproduced, videotapes and audiotapes shall be viewed and/or heard and a copy made. The below listed documents and/or items are to be produced at Plaintiff's counsel's office on or before thirty (30) days from the date of service herein. Such request is continuing up to and at the time of trial. DEFINITIONS A. "You" or "your" refers to Defendant(s) herein and to all other persons acting or purporting to act on behalf of Defendant(s), including agents and employees. B. "Communications" shall mean all inquiries, discussions, conversations, negotiations, agreements, understandings, meetings, telephone conversations, letters, correspondence, notes, telegrams, telexes, advertisements, facsimiles, e-mail, or other forms of verbal and/or communicative intercourse. American LegalNet, Inc. C. "Documents" shall mean all written or graphic matter of every kind or description, however produced or reproduced, whether draft or final, original or reproduction, signed or unsigned, and regardless of whether approved, signed, sent, received, redrafted, or executed, including but not limited to: written communications, letters, correspondence, facsimiles, e-mail, memoranda, minutes, notes, films, recordings of any type, transcripts, contracts, agreements, purchase or sales orders, memoranda of telephone conversations or personal conversations, diaries, desk calendars, interoffice communications, reports, studies, bills, receipts, checks, checkbooks, invoices, requisitions or material similar to any of the foregoing however denominated, by whomever prepared, and to whomever addressed, which are in your possession, custody or control. D. "Persons" means an individual, corporation, partnership, trust, association, company, organization, or any form of a business or commercial entity. E. For purposes of this discovery request "Identify" is defined as the following: (1) when used with respect to an individual, means to state (a) their name; (b) business affiliation and official title and/or position; and (c) their last known residential and business address. (2) when used with respect to a document, means to state (a) the type of document (e.g. letter, memorandum, hand-written note, facsimile, e-mail) (b) its date of origin or creation; (c) its author and addressee; (d) its last known custodian or locations; and (e) a brief description of its subject matter and size. In lieu of identifying any document(s), you may attach a copy of it to your answer, indicating the question to which it is responsive. (3) when used with respect to a company or other business entity, means to state, (a) the company's legal name, any former names, and the name under which it trades or does business; (b) the address of its principal place of business; and (c) the identity of its chief executive officer. American LegalNet, Inc. F. "Relate to" means consist of, refer to, reflect or be in any way logically connected with the matter discussed. G. The period of time encompassed by these requests shall be from the date of the alleged accident to the date of answering, unless otherwise indicated. Note, this request is continuing up to and at the time of trial. H. For purposes of the Rule, a statement includes: (1) A written statement, signed or otherwise adopted or approved by the person making it, or (2) A stenographic, mechanical, electronic, videographic or other recording, or a transcript thereof, which is a substantially verbatim recital of an oral statement by the person making it and contemporaneously recorded. REQUESTS 1. The claims and investigation file or files including but not limited to daily activity sheets, diary sheets, and status sheets of any insurance adjuster and/or risk employee/manager, internal memoranda regarding this claim created, sent and/or received by any insurance adjuster or other adjuster, risk employee/manager and/or by the Defendant(s) or an agent/employee of the Defendant(s), communications to and from all insurance carriers, parties, Defendant(s), or potential parties, request(s) for investigation, and/or reports/findings of investigators, both inhouse and/or independent and/or all insurance policies of the Defendant(s), excluding references to mental impressions, conclusions, or opinions representing the value or merit of the claim or defense or respecting strategy or tactics and privileged communications from counsel. American LegalNet, Inc. 2. All statements and communications of any and all witnesses including any and all statements of Plaintiff(s) and Defendant(s), including taped recordings, whether transcribed or not, as well as all written statements. 3. The name, home and business address, background and qualifications of any and all persons retained by the Defendant(s), who in anticipation and/or preparation of litigation, are expected to be called to trial. 4. Any and all documents and communications containing the name and home and business addresses of all individuals contacted as potential witnesses. 5. Reports, non-privileged communications, and/or documents prepared by any and all experts who are expected to testify at trial or whose reports are expected to be submitted at trial. 6. Resumes and qualifications of any and all experts who are expected to testify at trial or whose reports are expected to be submitted at trial. 7. Copies of any and all photographs, diagrams, drawings, charts, models, movie films or video-tapes which relate, refer or pertain to Plaintiff(s), any other party to this action, the alleged accident site and/or any instrumentality involved in the alleged accident described in Plaintiff(s) Complaint. 8. Any and all documents and communications substantiating any defense to Plaintiff's cause of action. American LegalNet, Inc. 9. Copies of any relevant repo

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