Summons In Forcible Entry And Detainer | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Illinois

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Summons In Forcible Entry And Detainer | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Illinois

Last updated: 10/12/2018

Summons In Forcible Entry And Detainer

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LASALLE COUNTY CIRCUIT CLERK OTTAWA, ILLINOIS 61350 Plaintiff(s) - VS - No. Defendant(s)SUMMONS IN FORCIBLE ENTRY AND DETAINERTo each Defendant:YOU ARE SUMMONED and required to appear before this Court at the Downtown Courthouse, 119 West Madison Street., Ottawa, IL, 61350, Court Room # at , on , *, to answer the complaint in this case, a copy of which is hereto attached. IF YOU FAIL TO DO SO, A JUDGMENT BY DEFAULT MAY BE TAKEN AGAINST YOU FOR THE RELIEF ASKED IN THE COMPLAINT.E-! ling is now mandatory for documents in civil cases with limited exemptions. To e-! le, you must ! rst create an account with an e-! ling service provider. Visit http://e! to learn more and to select a ser-vice provider. If you need additional help or have trouble e-! ling, visit or talk with your local Circuit Clerk's of! ce.To the Of! cer:This summons must be returned by the of! cer or other person to whom it was given for service, with endorsement of service and fees, if any, immediately after service and not less than three days before the day for appearance. If service cannot be made, this summons shall be returned so endorsed. This summons may not be served later than three days before the day for appearance. Witness: Date , Name: Clerk of CourtAttorney for: Address: (seal)City: Date of Service:Telephone: , (To be inserted by of! cer on copy left with defendant or other person.)Summons - Forcible Entry and Detainer (7/2018)UNITED STATES OF AMERICASTATE OF ILLINOIS COUNTY OF LASALLEIN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE 13TH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT American LegalNet, Inc. SHERIFF'S FEES Service and return......................................... $ Miles ............................................................ $ TOTAL.......................................................... $ Sheriff of CountyI certify that I served this summons on defendants as follows:(a) (Individual defendants - personal): By leaving a copy and a copy of the complaint with each individual defendant personally as follows: Name of Defendant Date of Service (b) (Individual defendants - abode): By leaving a copy and a copy of the complaint at the usual place of abode of each individual defendant with a person of the family or a person residing there, of age 13 years or upwards, informing that person of the contents of the summons, and also by sending a copy of the summons and of the complaint in a sealed envelope with postage fully prepaid, addressed to each individual defendant at his/her usual place of abode, as follows: Name of Defendant Person With Whom Left Date of Service Date Of Mailing (c) (Corporation defendants): By leaving a copy and a copy of the complaint with the registered agent, of! cer or agent of each defendant corporation, as follows: Defendant Corporation Registered Agent, Of! cer or Agent Date of Service (d) (Other service): Sheriff of County By Deputy American LegalNet, Inc.

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