Ex Parte Order For Protection And Findings {PO-0105} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Indiana

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Ex Parte Order For Protection And Findings {PO-0105} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Indiana

Last updated: 5/11/2006

Ex Parte Order For Protection And Findings {PO-0105}

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So that the Order of Protection is valid, after you print, YOU MUST REPLACE THIS PAGE with the Cover Sheet: Order of Protection (available for download in PDF form)at <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2PO-0105 Approved 07-01-02 Revised 07-23-04 STATE OF INDIANA ) IN THE ________________COUR T___ ) SS: (_____ ______ DIVISION, ROOM ____) COUNTY OF ________ ) CASE NO._________________________ _______________________,) Petitioner ) vs. ) _______________________,) Respondent ) EX PARTE ORDER FOR PROTECTION The Court, under the authority of Indiana Code 34-26-5-9 (b), issues t his Ex Parte Order for Protection. FINDINGS The Court, having reviewed the Petition and/or hearing testimony, now makes the following Findings: a. The Petitioner has shown, by a preponderance of the evidence, that domestic or family violence, stalking, or a sex offense has occurred sufficient to just ify the issuance of this Order. b. The Respondent represents a credible threat to the safety of the P etitioner or a member of the Petitioners household. c. The following relief is necessary to bring about a cessation of th e violence or the threat of violence. IDACS Codes: ORDER (Check all applicable relief ordered) ___1. The Respondent is hereby enjoined from threatening to commit or committing 01 - acts of domestic or family violence, stalking, or a sex offense against the Petitioner Petitioner and the following designated family or household members, if any: ________________________________________________________________ 02 - Others __________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________. ___2. The Respondent is prohibited from harassing, annoying, telephoning, contacting, 05 or directly or indirectly communicating with the Petitioner. ___3. The Respondent shall be removed and excluded from the Petitioners residence. 03 Page 2 of ____ pages <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3PO-0105 Approved 07-01-02 Revised 07-23-04 ___4. The Respondent is ordered to stay away from the residence, school, and/or place 04 of employment of the Petitioner. The Respondent is further ordered to stay away from the following place(s) that is/are frequented by the Petitioner and/o r the Petitioners family or household members: ______________________________ ________________________________________________________________. ___5. The Petitioner shall have the possession and use of the residence/motor 03 vehicle/other essential personal effects as follows: Residence ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 08 - Other ________________________________________________________________. ___6. The Court orders the following additional relief to provide for the safe ty and 08 welfare of the Petitioner and each family or household member designated in Paragraph 1 of this Order: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________. ___7. To law enforcement officers: You are hereby directed to accompany the 08 Petitioner to the residence of the parties to ensure that the Petitioner is safely restored to the possession of the residence/motor vehicle/other essentia l personal effects listed above; and/or, you are to supervise the Petition ers or Respondents removal of personal belongings. THIS EX PARTE ORDER FOR PROTECTION EXPIRES: ____ TWO (2) YEARS FROM THE DATE IT IS ISSUED; OR ____ ON THE _____ DAY OF ______________________, 20___. DATE: __________ ____________________________________ ____________________________, JUDGE ******IMPORTANT NOTICE****** VIOLATION OF THIS ORDER IS PUNISHABLE BY CONFINEMENT IN JAIL, PRISON, AND/OR A FINE. IF SO ORDERED BY THE COURT, THE RESPONDENT IS FORBIDDEN TO ENTER OR STAY AT THE PETITIONERS RESIDENCE, EVEN IF INVITED TO DO SO BY THE PETITIONER OR ANY OTHER PERSON. IN NO EVENT IS THE ORDER FOR PROTECTION VOIDED. PURSUANT TO 18 U.S.C. 2265, THIS ORDER FOR PROTECTION SHALL BE GIVEN FULL FAITH AND CREDIT IN ANY OTHER STATE OR TRIBAL LAND AND SHALL BE ENFORCED AS IF IT WERE AN ORDER ISSUED IN THAT STATE OR TRIBAL LAND. Page 3 of ____ pages <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 4PO-0105 Approved 07-01-02 Revised 07-23-04 PURSUANT TO 18 U.S.C. 922(g), ONCE A RESPONDENT HAS RECEIVED NOTICE OF THIS ORDER AND AN OPPORTUNITY TO BE HEARD, IT IS A FEDERAL VIOLATION TO PURCHASE, RECEIVE, OR POSSESS A FIREARM WHILE SUBJEC T TO THIS ORDER IF THE PROTECTED PERSON IS: (A) THE RESPONDENTS CURRENT OR FORMER SPOUSE; (B) A CURRENT OR FORMER PERSON WITH WHOM THE RESPONDENT RESIDED WHILE IN AN INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP; OR (C) A PERSON WITH WHOM THE RESOPONDENT HAS A CHILD. INTERSTATE VIOLATION OF THIS ORDER MAY SUBJECT THE RESPONDENT TO FEDERAL CRIMINAL PENALTIES UNDER 18 U.S.C. 2261 AND 18 U.S.C. 2262. Page 4 of ____ pages <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 5 Cover Sheet for Protection Order No Contact Order, or Workplace Violence Restraining Order COVER SHEET (Check Only One) Case No. Protection Order IC 34-26-5 No Contact Order Court IC 31-32-13 IC 31-34 IC 31-37 IC 33-14-1-7 IC 35-33-8-3.2 IC 35-38-2-2.3 Workplace Violence Restraining Order INDIANA IC 34-26-6 County PETITIONER/PROTECTED PERSON PETITIONER/PROTECTED PERSON IDENTIFIERS DOB SEX RACE First Middle Last List name, Sex, Race & Other Protected Persons/DOB/Sex/Race: DOB] ________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ V. RESPONDENT/DEFENDANT RESPONDENT/DEFENDANT IDENTIFIERS SEX RACE DOB HT WT First Middle Last Relationship to Petitioner/Protected Person: ______________ EYES HAIR DISTINGUISHING FEATURES _______________________________________________ Respondents/Defendants Address: ____________________ DRIVERS LICENSE # STATE EXP DATE _______________________________________________ CAUTION: Weapon Involved Weapon Present on the property THE COURT HERBY FINDS: That it has jurisdiction over the parties and subject matter, and the Respondent/Defendant has been or will be provided with reasonable notice and opportunity to be heard. Additional findings of this order follow on succeeding pages. THE COURT HEREBY ORDERS: That the above named Respondent/

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