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Transcript Report-Order Form {CA 1-10} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Official Federal Forms

Last updated: 5/2/2006

Transcript Report-Order Form {CA 1-10}

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UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEAL S FOR THE FIRST CIR CUIT Case name District Court Case No. District of Date Notice of Appeal filed Court of Appeals Case No. Form filed on behalf of TRANSCRIPT REPORT Transcript Not Necessary for this Appeal __________ Transcript Already Filed in District Court. List each transcript by docket entry number and date and type of proceeding (attachseparate page if necessary) TRANSCRIPT ORDER Name of Court Reporter Phone Number of Reporter A. This constitutes an order of the transcr ipt of the following proceedings [check appropriat e box(es) and indicate dates of hearing(s)]: PROCEE DING(S) HEARING DATE(S) 9 Jury Voir dire 9 Opening Statement (plaintiff) 9 Opening Statement (defendant) 9 Trial 9 Closing Argument (plaintiff) 9 Closing Argument (defendant) 9 Findings of Fact/Conclusions of Law 9 Jury Instructions 9 Change of Plea 9 Sentencing 9 Bail hearing 9 Pretrial proceedings (specify) 9 Testimony (specify ) 9 Other (specify) NOTE: Failure to specify in adequate detail those proceedings to be transcribed may lead to the rejection of this form and the dismissal of the appeal. B. I certif y that I have contacted the court reporter and the following financial arr angements for payment of the transcript have been made: 9 Private funds. 9 Government expense (civil case). IFP has been granted and a motion for transcript at government expense has been allowed. (Attach a copy of the order to each copy of this order form.) 9 Criminal Justice Act. A CJA Form 24 has been approved by the district court judge. 9 Criminal Justice Act. A CJA Form 24 is attached for authorization by the court of appeals. 9 Federal Public Defender/Government Counsel - no CJA Form 24 necessary. Filers name Filers Signature Firm/Address Telephone number Date mailed to court reporter (Court Reporter Use ONLY) Date received Form CA1-10 (3/1/04) SEE INSTRUCTION S ON RE VERSE American LegalNet, Inc.<<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 UN ITED STA TES CO UR T OF AP PEA LS FO R TH E FIR ST C IRC UIT TRANSCRIPT REPORT/ORDER FORM This form must be completed by any party who files a notice of appeal to the First Circuit. It should also be used by any partywishing to order a transcript for an appeal. A Transcri pt Report/Order Form that fails to comply with these instruct ions will be rejected. In addition, the appeal willbe subject to dismissal pursuant to Local Rules 3(b) and 10(a) if appellant fails to timely file a Tra nscr ipt Report/Order Form. TRANSCRIPT REPORT INSTRUCTIONS If a transcript is not necessary for the appeal, or the transcript is already completed and filed with the district court, only theTranscript Report section needs to be completed. Appellant must file two (2) copies of the form with the Court of Appeals Clerks Office,accompanied by proof of service on opposing party[ies], within fourteen (14) days after the case is docketed in the Court of Appeals. TRANSCRIPT ORDER INSTRUCTIONS If the transcript is being ordered, the Transcript Order section of the form must be completed. The completed Transcript OrderForm must be filed with the court reporter in the district court within ten (10) days after filing the notice of appeal. Fed. R. App. P. 10(b).Do not submit this form until financial arrangements have been made with the court reporter. Appellant must file two (2) copies of thecompleted Transcript Order Form with the Court of Appeals Clerks Office and one copy with the district court clerks office, accompaniedby proof of service on opposing party[ies], within fourteen (14) days after the case is docketed in the court of appeals. CRIMINAL JUSTICE ACT INSTRUCTIONS Any party ordering transcripts at government expense under the Criminal Justice Act must also complete a CJA Form 24,Authorization and Voucher for Payment of Transcripts. The voucher must be authorized by either the district court judge or the circuitcourt judge prior to the order being placed with the court reporter. Both the Transcript Order Form and CJA F orm 24 must indicate withspecificity those proceedings to be transcribed. The transcript order will be considered timely for purposes of Fed. R. App. P. 10(b) andLocal Rules 3(b) and 10(a) if a completed Transcript Order Form and a CJA Form 24 in need of authorization are received by the Courtof Appeals Clerks Office within fourteen (14) days of the docketing of the appeal. The Clerks Office will forward the Transcript OrderForm and authorized CJA Form 24 to the court reporter. NOTE : A separate transcript order (and if necessary, a CJA Form 24) must be completed for each court reporter from whom a transcript is requested. COURT REPORTERS DUTIES The court reporter should indicate on the Transcript Order Form the date of receipt of the form. Once the Transcript Order Formis filed in the Court of Appeals Clerks Office, the Clerks Office will send a Transcript Order Acknowledgment to the court reporter settinga 60-day deadline for production of the transcript. If the court reporter returns the Acknowledgment indicating that the transcript orderis incomplete for any reason, the 60-day deadline will be suspended until the party ordering the transcript cures the deficiency. If the courtreporter cannot complete the transcript by the deadline, he or she must file a motion for extension in the Court of Appeals. Fed. R. App.P. 11(b). Once the transcript is complete, the court reporter must file a copy with the district court, and file a Certification of Filing ofTranscript with the Court of Appeals Clerks Office. American LegalNet, Inc.

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