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Order Approving Trust And Granting Other Relief | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Washington

Order Approving Trust And Granting Other Relief

This is a Washington form that can be used for Trusts within Local County, King, Superior Court.

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Order Approving Trust & Other Relief, Form 04/01226 Page 1 IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF WASHINGTON STATE, COUNTY OF KING In the Settlement/Guardianship/Estate of: ) Case No. ) ) ORDER APPROVING TRUST AND ) GRANTING OTHER RELIEF ) ) (250 Clerk222s Action Required) ) This matter came on for a hearing on this date. Present were the Petitioner, ; Counsel for Petitioner, ; Settlement GAL, ; Counsel for Respondent, ; Other, . The court having reviewed the Petition and proposed Trust document, now does hereby, ORDER of the COURT 1. Approval of Trust . The court approves, declares and creates a Trust for , according to the terms & provisions set forth in the articles and the Trust document attached. 2. Appointment of Trustee . The court appoints to serve as Trustee. The court shall appoint a successor trustee as and when needed, at a hearing upon petition therefore, with notice to all interested parties. 3. Bond/Blocked Accounts . The Trustee shall obtain a fiduciary222s bond for the Trust in the amount of $ . All liquid assets in excess of $ shall be deposited and held in blocked financial accounts, with the funds to be released only pursuant to court order. 4. Annual Report & Accountings . The Trustee shall submit for review and court approval, annual Reports & Accountings for the Trust in a form provided by or suitable to the court. Unless otherwise ordered, the first accounting shall be for the period ending on the last day of this month next year, and shall be filed within ninety days thereafter. The accounting shall include a description of all transactions, assets received and transferred, fees sought or paid, and investment activity, including the annual rate of return for the Trust estate. American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com Order Approving Trust & Other Relief, Form 04/01226 Page 2 Copies of accountings shall be provided as set forth in the Trust document and to the Guardian or representative of the Trust Beneficiary. 5. Trustee and Attorney Fees . The Trustee shall provide the court and parties with its fee schedule and any subsequent changes thereto. All Trustee fees and legal fees and costs incurred or paid from the Trust shall be subject to review and approval by the court at or before the next annual Report and Accounting. 6. Release of Settlement Proceeds to Trustee/Inventory or Receipt . The Clerk of the Court, Settlement Guardian ad Litem, or other custodian of trust assets is hereby directed to transfer such assets or settlement proceeds, and any accrued interest, to the Trustee. Within ninety days from entry of this order, the Trustee shall file an Inventory or Receipt with the court describing all funds and assets received. 7. Attorney Fee for Drafting Trust . The fees and costs of , in the amount of $ , are approved as reasonable, with payment authorized from the Trust estate. 8. Discharge of Guardians ad Litem . Unless otherwise ordered, each Guardian ad Litem and/or Settlement Guardian ad Litem appointed to serve herein is discharged. The (Settlement) Guardian ad Litem222s fee in the amount of $ is approved as reasonable, with payment authorized from the Trust estate. 9. Filing Trust Document with Court . Upon execution and acceptance of the Trust document by the Trustee, but no later than sixty days from entry of this order, an original signed Trust document shall be filed with the court in this cause number, or such new cause number as the court otherwise directs. 10. Option A: New Case File . An original copy of the Trust document shall be filed with this court in a new proceeding, denominated 223In the Trust of 224 with a probate cause number assigned, in order to track the Trust and annual Report & Accountings. A certified or conformed copy of this Order shall be filed in the new action and the court shall enter an order in the new action setting the date for the first annual Report & Accounting. This order opening the new file may be presented ex parte, without the need for further notice or hearing. OR: Option B: Change of Case Caption . The Clerk of the Court is hereby directed to change the caption in this matter to read: 223In the Trust of .224 This Order is dated and signed in open court this day of , . Judge/Court Commissioner Presented by: Approved for Entry: Signatures: Bar # Bar # Printed Names: Signatures: Bar # Bar # Printed Names: American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com

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