Notice Of Payment Modification Suspension Termination Or Controversion Of Compensation Of Medical Benefits {WC-1002} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Louisiana

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Notice Of Payment Modification Suspension Termination Or Controversion Of Compensation Of Medical Benefits {WC-1002} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Louisiana

Last updated: 8/26/2015

Notice Of Payment Modification Suspension Termination Or Controversion Of Compensation Of Medical Benefits {WC-1002}

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EMPLOYER/PAYOR MAIL TO: OFFICE OF WORKERS' COMPENSATION POST OFFICE BOX 94040 BATON ROUGE, LA 70804-9040 1. Employee Social Security No. ______ -_____-_______ 2. Payor Claim No.:______________________________ 3. Date of Injury/Illness ___________________________ 4. Date of Notice: ________________________________ NOTICE OF PAYMENT, MODIFICATION, SUSPENSION, TERMINATION OR CONTROVERSION OF COMPENSATION OR MEDICAL BENEFITS 5. Purpose of Form (check one): Initial Payment ____ 6. (a) Modification ____ Suspension ____ Termination____ Controversion ____ Employee Name: ____________________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________ Telephone: __________________________________________________ Employee Representative Name (if known)_________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ Telephone: ___________________________________________________ Facsimile: ____________________________________________________ Employer Name: ____________________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ Telephone: ___________________________________________________ Facsimile: ____________________________________________________ (b) (c) 7. Effective Date of Initial Payment, Modification, Suspension, Termination or Controversion:______/______/20_____ 8. Description of Injury/Occupational Disease: ________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ 9. Average Weekly Wage: $__________________ 10. Payment/Modification (check one): Initial Payment ____ Indemnity Benefits are to be paid as follows: A. Permanent Total Disability (PTD)___ Temporary Total Disability (TTD)___ (check one) benefits at the rate of $_____________ per week; Supplemental Earnings Benefits (SEB) paid at the rate of $__________________per ________________ based on a wage earning capacity of $________________________; OR SEB paid at the rate of$ _______________ per ________________ dependent on wages as reflected in LWCWC-1020's to be submitted by employee each month; C. Reduced PTD___ TTD____ SEB_____ (check one) at the rate of $___________ due to employee's receipt of (check applicable item): _____ Social Security Benefits at the rate of $______________ per _____________; _____ Other Workers' Compensation Benefits at the rate of $__________ per _________' _____ Employer Funded Disability Benefits at the rate of $___________ per __________; _____ Unemployment Insurance Benefits _____ Third Party Recovery in the amount of $_______________ _____ 50% reduction of compensation based on Employee's refusal to cooperate with Vocational Rehabilitation _____ Reduction due to child support order _____ Other (Describe): _________________________________________________________ Modification____ B. American LegalNet, Inc. D. Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) Benefits of $______________ per week payable for ____________ weeks. E. Death Benefits have begun in the amount of $ _________ per week, representing ______% of AWW. Employee Name __________________ Date of injury/illness________________ 11. Suspension/Termination Indemnity and/or Medical Benefits have been suspended/terminated due to: _____ Employee's refusal to submit to a medical examination; _____ Employee's refusal to execute a Choice of Physician form; _____ Fraud _____ Dispute over Compensability (Describe): ______________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _____ Employee's refusal to return the form LWC-WC-1025 or LWC-WC-1020; _____ Released to return to work full duty; _____ Employee able to earn 90% of pre-accident average weekly wage; or _____ Other (Describe): ________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ 12. Controversion Employee's rights to Indemnity and/or Medical Benefits are disputed and have been denied because Employer/Payor disputes: _____ Compensable Work Accident; _____ Compensable Injury; _____ Employment Relationship; _____ Causation; _____ Disability; _____ Fraud; _____ Jurisdiction; or _____ Other (Describe): _________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ 13. Notice Submitted By: Signature of Preparer: ______________________________________________ Printed name: _____________________________________________________ Position/Affiliation: _______________________________________________ Telephone:________________________________________________________ Facsimile: ________________________________________________________ Address: _________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ 14. Please provide the following information: Payor/Self Insured Employer Name: ___________________________________ Telephone ________________________________________________________ Facsimile: ________________________________________________________ Address: _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ American LegalNet, Inc. NOTICE OF DISAGREEMENT (to be completed by Employee/Employee Representative) MAIL TO: The preparer for Employer/Payor at the address listed in Section 13 of the LWC-WC-1002. Employee Social Security No.: _______-____-________ Payor Claim No. (if known): ______________________ Date of Injury/Illness: ___________________________ Date of Notice of Disagreement: ___________________ BASIS OF DISAGREEMENT 1. 2. Average Weekly Wage is incorrect. The correct AWW amount is $______________. The type of workers' compensation

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