Order Setting Requirements For Evidentiary Hearing Chapter 13 (Long Form) (Judge Isicoff) | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Florida

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Order Setting Requirements For Evidentiary Hearing Chapter 13 (Long Form) (Judge Isicoff) | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Florida

Last updated: 11/14/2023

Order Setting Requirements For Evidentiary Hearing Chapter 13 (Long Form) (Judge Isicoff)

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United States Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of Florida Acknowledgment of Responsibility and Request for Login ID and Password for Live Access to CM/ECF with Full Attorney Filing Privileges www.flsb.uscourts.gov Use this form to request a live account to access this court's CM/ECF system with full attorney filing privileges and the ability to pay filing fees by credit card for all cases and adversary proceedings in this court. This form must be submitted only in the name of and by the filing attorney regardless of number of logins and passwords requested. Attorneys who also serve as trustees in cases in this district must obtain a separate trustee login account and sign a trustee acknowledgment of responsibility. Parties not eligible for full filing attorney privilege accounts may request a limited filer account. Submit only the signed first page of this form to: CMECF_Support@flsb.uscourts.gov. I. Attorney Applicant Information: (Please type) First: Middle: Bar ID #: Last Name: Generation (Sr., Jr.): ) (if other than Florida Bar, indicate state: Mailing Address: (if multiple addresses exist, one registration form per mailing address must be submitted) Telephone #: Fax #: E-Mail address where Notices of Electronic Filing will be sent: Number of Additional Logins Requested Under My Name: I have a current Trading Partner Agreement with the BNC for EDI Noticing: No Yes II. Basis for Request for Full Filing Privileges: I certify that I am qualified to register as: An attorney qualified to practice before this court pursuant to Local Rule 2090-1(A); or An attorney approved by this court to appear pro hac vice in Case(s) # pursuant to Local Rule 2090-1(C)(2); or A government attorney appearing pursuant to Local Rule 2090-1(C)(3) [except for an attorney appearing on behalf of the US Trustee's office]. III. CM/ECF Training Requirements Certification: I hereby certify that I have: Attended USBC SDFL classroom training and received a certificate of completion on , and Completed the Proof of Proficiency exercises; or, I am a registered user with full CM/ECF privileges in another United States Bankruptcy Court and have completed that court's Proof of Proficiency. (Indicate bankruptcy court(s): . IV. Acknowledgment of Responsibility: My signature below reflects that I have read and agree to the statements contained in the %22CM/ECF Full Filing Attorney Agreement%22 and any future requirements of the court with respect to my electronic filing privileges. Send Live Login/Password via: email (if other than above) fax (Signature of Attorney) (Date) CLERK'S OFFICE USE ONLY Approved by: Date of Notification: By: Date: Email Completed Form ( first page only) to: CMECF_Support@flsb.uscourts.gov LF-95 (rev. 12/01/16) -1- American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com United States Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of Florida CM/ECF Full Filing Attorney Agreement [Note: Detach and retain this agreement before submitting signed application (page one of this form) to the court.] By signing and submitting to the court the %22Acknowledgment of Responsibility%22 contained in Part IV of Local Form Acknowledgment of Responsibility and Request for Login ID and Password for Live Access to CM/ECF with Full Attorney Filing Privileges, I understand that: 1. I agree to adhere to all of the rules, orders, guidelines, requirements, instructions and local forms (including subsequent amendments) or any other directives issued by this court or the clerk of this court in conjunction with use of this court's CM/ECF system. I must obtain and maintain a PACER account login, in addition to the CM/ECF login issued by this court. I must maintain a valid primary e-mail address and elect to receive Notices of Electronic Filing, individually or in summary, via e-mail in cases in which I am involved. I must file a notice of change of mailing address in each case in which I am involved. Registered users who have also registered with the BNC for noticing purposes must also notify the BNC of changes in service address information. I must pay by credit card over the Internet for any fees incurred for transactions made in CM/ECF in accordance with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court's Fee Schedule. Failure to timely do so will result in temporary loss of access to CM/ECF under that login and may result in dismissal of a bankruptcy petition or adversary proceeding, striking of a document and/or sanctions. Pursuant to Bankruptcy Rule 9011, every petition, pleading, motion and other paper (except a list, schedule, statement, or amendments thereto) shall be signed by at least one attorney of record. Use of my login and password constitutes my signature on an electronically filed document for all purposes, including those under Rule 9011 and 28 U.S.C. §1746, and shall have the same force and effect as if I had affixed my signature on a paper copy of the document being filed. [See Local Rule 9011-4.] I must type or print my name on any document filed by me either above or below the signature line. If I am appearing pro hac vice under Local Rule 2090-1(C)(2), I must include the certification required by Local Rule 9011-4(B)(2) on each paper filed. I may authorize one or more employees or office staff members to use any of my assigned logins and passwords for the electronic filing of a document. However, such use constitutes my signature on the electronically filed document. I will not knowingly permit use of my login(s) and password(s) by anyone not so authorized, I shall take steps to prevent such unauthorized use, and I shall be fully responsible for all use whether authorized or unauthorized. If authorization to use a login and password is withdrawn (e.g., when a staff member leaves employment) or if unauthorized use of a login and password is suspected, I shall forthwith select and activate a new password for that login. I shall also immediately notify the court's CM/ECF help desk via e-mail (CMECF_support@flsb.uscourts.gov) upon learning of any unauthorized use. I understand that failure to change the password and notify the clerk under the aforementioned circumstances may result in sanctions. Registration for filing in CM/ECF constitutes: (1) consent to receive service and notice electronically via the CM/ECF generated Notice of Electronic Filing (%22NEF%22) or Daily Summary Report (%22DSR%22) and waiver of the right to receive notice by first class mail pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 5(b)(2)(D) and -2American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFl

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