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Petition-Motion Cover Sheet {30-1061} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Pennsylvania

Last updated: 3/27/2018

Petition-Motion Cover Sheet {30-1061}

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FOR COURT USE ONLY ASSIGNED TO JUDGE: ANSWER/RESPONSE DA TE: Do not send Judge courtesy copy of Petitio n/Motion/Answer/Response. Status may be obtained online at (Check one) Plaintiff Defendant (Check one) Movant Respondent Has another petition/motion been decided in this case? Yes No Is another petition/motion pending? If the answer to either question is yes, you must identify the judge(s): Yes No PHILADELPHIA COURT OF COMMON PLEAS PETITION/MOTION COVER SHEET CONTROL NUMBER: (RESPONDING PARTIES MUST INCLUDE THIS NUMBER ON ALL FILINGS) Term, Month Year No. Name of Filing Party: vs. INDICATE NATURE OF DOCUMENT FILED: Petition (Attach Rule to Show Cause) Motion Answer to Petition Response to Motion TYPE OF PETITION/MOTION (see list on reverse side) PETITION/MOTION CODE (see list on reverse side) ANSWER/RESPONSE FILED TO (Please inse rt the title of the corresponding petition/motion to which you are responding): I. CASE PROGRAM Is this case in the (answer all questions): A. COMMERCE PROGRAM Name of Judicial Team Leader: Applicable Petition/Motion Deadline: Has deadline been previously extended by the Court? Yes No B. DAY FORWARD/MAJOR JURY PROGRAM 227 Year Name of Judicial Team Leader: Applicable Petition/Motion Deadline: Has deadline been previously extended by the Court? Yes No C. NON JURY PROGRAM Date Listed: D. ARBITRATION PROGRAM Arbitration Date: E. ARBITRATION APPEAL PROGRAM Date Listed: F. OTHER PROGRAM: Date Listed: II.PARTIES (required for proof of service) (Name, address and telephone number of all counsel of record andunrepresented parties. Attach a stamped addressed envelope for eachattorney of record and unrepresented party.) III. OTHER By filing this document and signing below, the moving party certifies that this motion, petition, answer or response along with all documents filed, will be served upon all counsel and unrepresented parties as required by rules of Court (see PA. R.C.P. 206.6, Note to 208.2(a), and 440). Furthermore, moving party verifies that the answers made herein are true and correct and understands that sanctions may be imposed for inaccurate or incomplete answers. (Attorney Signature/Unrepresented Party) (Date) (Print Name) (Attorney I.D. No.) The Petition, Motion and Answer or Response, if any, will be forwarded to the Court after the Answer/Response Date. No extension of the Answer/Response Date will be granted even if the parties so stipulate. 30-1061 (Rev. 8/2014) American LegalNet, Inc. MTSAL Motion for Additional Distribution of Sale MTSUP MTSAN Proceeds MTEXP MT229 MTPHV Motion for Admission Pro Hac Vice MTEOT MTSVR Motion for Alternative Servi ce MTSAS MTAMJ Motion to Amend Judgment MTEXT MTSAA MTAMD Motion to Amend Pleading MTIPP M TGAL Motion to Appoint Guardian Ad Litem PTEXR MTAPC Motion for Appointment of a Conservator MTNPT MTSPR MTMCF Motion for Approval and Distribution of MTFUS MTWOE Minor222s Compromise PTFMV MTSTK MTWRD Motion for Approval & Distribution of MTINT MTS JD Wrongful Death & Survival Action MTINV MTAPS Motion to Approve Transfer of Structured MTIOP MTRAE Settleme nt MTADH Motion for Assessment of Damages MTJAD MTRDM Hearings MTJPL MTREF MTAMV Motion to Au ction Motor Vehicles MTJUR MTREL MTBIF Motion to Bifurcate MTLIM MTRDS MTCIA Motion to Certify Order for Interlocutory MTMJS Appeal MTMVR MTSRC MTCNM Motion to Change Name MTOPN MTSEV MTCLC Motion for Class Action Certification MTSPP MTCMP Motion to Compel Discovery MTPAR MTTFR MTCPS Motion to Compel Payment of Settlement MTPIC MTTRJ MTCOM Motion to Comple te Terms of Sheriff222s MTPRE MTFTV Sale MTSYS MTWDA MTCST Motion to Confirm Settlement PTTMF M TWPS MTCNS Motion to Consolidate Actions MTPCD MTWRS MTCON Motion for Continuance PRINJ MTMIS Motion for Sanctions Motion for Sanctions for Failure to Deliver Settlement Funds Motion to Set Aside Sheriff222s SaleMotion to Set Aside Award Motion to Settle Incompetent/Incapacitated Person222s Estate Motion to Stay Proceedings Motion to Stay Writ of ExecutionMotion to Strike Pleading Motion for Summary Judgment (30 day hold) Motion for Supplementary Relief in Aid of Execution Motion to Reassess Damages Motion for Reimbursement of FeesMotion to Release Bond Motion to Remove Case from Deferred Status Motion to Seal Record Motion to Sever Cases Motion for Specific Performance Motion to Transfer Motion to Transfer Judgment Motion for Title to Vehicle Motion to Withdraw Appearance Motion for Writ of Possession Motion for Writ of SeizureMiscellaneous Motion Instructions for Completing Petition/Motion Cover Sheet A Petition/Motion Cover Sheet must be attached to all Petitions, Motions, Answers or Responses filed, except for Discovery Motions and Motions for Extraordinary Relief. Sanctions will be imposed if the Cover Sheet is inaccurately completed. Please Note the following: 1.ANSWER or RESPONSE DATE. The Motion Clerk shall enter the 223Answer224 or 223Response224 Date on the Cover Sheet. All Responses to Motions and Answers to Petitions must be filed with the Office of Judicial Records and submitted to the Motion Clerk on or before the Response Date. Note: Summary Judgment Motions have a 30 day Response period. Except for those Motions identified in Phila.Civ.R. *208.3(a) and (b), all other Motions have a 20 day Response period. 2.ARGUMENT DATE. The Motion Clerk shall enter the Argument Date and location on the Cover Sheet, as appropriate. 3.CONTROL NUMBER. The Motion Clerk shall assign a Control Number to all Petitions and Motions. The Responding parties must enter this Control Number onthe Cover Sheet accompanying their Answer or Response. 4.NATURE OF DOCUMENT FILED. The filing party must check whether the document being filed is a Petition (in which case a Rule to Show Cause Order mustbe attached), a Motion, an Answer to a Petition, or a Response to a Motion. The parties must indicate whether another Petition or Motion is outstanding or has beendecided and, if so, must identify the Judge(s) to whom such prior Petitions or Motions had been assigned. 5.PETITION OR MOTION TYPES. The parties must utilize the following Petition or Motion Codes and Types (and the Motion Clerk is authorized to change afiling party222s designation to reflect the correct Petition or Motion Code and Type): CODE MOTIONS CODE MOTIONS CODE MOTIONS MTCOR Motion for Coordination of Actions MTCRT Motion to Correct Record MTPSA CODE PETITIONS MTCNF Motion for C ounsel Fees MTPDE PTAAR Petition to Appoint Common Law PTDOM Motion for Delay Damages Arbitrator MTDJT Motion to Demand Jury Trial MTIFP PTARC Petition to Appoint a Receiver DPROB Motion to Determine Preliminary MTPRO PTCAR Petition to Compel Arbitration Objections MTQSH PTCAW Petition to Confirm Arbitration Award MTDSC Motion to Discontinue Case MTRCS PTCST Petition to Confirm Settlement MTDIS Motion to Dismiss for Forum Non MTRPR PTFCT Petition for Contempt Conveniens MTREF PTOJD Petition to Open Default Judgment MTDCN Motion to Disqualify Co unsel MTOPT PTSNP Petition to Open Judgment of Non Pros MTEMG Emergency Motion PTEMG Emergency Petition MTEST MTJDG MTJNP Motion to Enforce Settlement Motion for Entry of Default Judgment Motion for Entry of Judgment of Non Pros MTRWT Motion for Entry of SupersedeasMotion for Expungement of Record Motion for Extension of Time to file Certificate of Merit Motion for Extension of Time to answer/ respond) Motion for Extraordinary ReliefMotion to File Nunc Pro Tunc Motion to File Under Seal Motion to Fix Fair Market ValueMotion for Interpleader Motion to Intervene Motion to Invalidate Opt-Outs (Class Action cases) Motion to Join Additional Defendant Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings Motion for Jury Out of Time Motion in Limine Motion to Mark Judgment Satisfied Motion to Obtain Motor Vehicle Records Motion to Open/Strike Confessed Judgment Motion for Partition Motion for Payment into Court Motion to Pay Rent into Escrow Account Motion to Postpone Sheriff222s SaleMotion for Post Trial Relief Motion for Pre-Complaint Discovery Motion for Preliminary InjunctionMotion for Preliminary Settlement Approval (Class Action Cases) Motion to Preserve Documents and Evidence Motion to Pro

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