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Case Management Conference Memorandum Commerce Case Management {01-111} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Pennsylvania

Case Management Conference Memorandum Commerce Case Management {01-111}

This is a Pennsylvania form that can be used for Civil Trial within Local County, Philadelphia.

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IN THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS OF PHILADELPHIA COUNTY FIRST JUDICIAL DISTRICT OF PENNSYLVANIA CIVIL TRIAL DIVISION : : : : CASE MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE MEMORANDUM COMMERCE CASE MANAGEMENT Filing party: Counsel's address and telephone number: by: , Esquire 1. 2. Date of contract or transaction dates: Is there a writing? If yes, is there an allegation that the writing does not contain the entire agreement of the parties? ___ yes ___no ___ yes ___ yes ___no ___no 3. 4. Is the Uniform Commercial Code applicable to this case? Describe the nature of the conduct alleged as giving rise to the cause of action or, if defense, the nature of the defense: 5. State the amount of the damages claimed by Plaintiff and explain how damages are calculated: (a) Direct (b) (c) 6. Consequential Other (specify) ____yes ____no Is there a counterclaim? If yes, state the basis of the claim (e.g., contract, tortious interference, etc.). This form shall be presented to the Case Manager and copies served upon all parties at the Case Management Conference by counsel prepared to discuss its contents. 01-111 American LegalNet, Inc. 7. State the amount of damages sought in the counterclaim: (a) Direct (b) (c) Consequential Other (specify) 8. List five (or more) acceptable Commerce Program Judges Pro Tem for mandatory settlement conference purposes: 8(a). Discuss whether and when early Mediation would be worthwhile: 9. Are there related case(s)? If yes, identify: ____yes ____no. 10. Identify applicable insurance coverage and note if there are insurance coverage issues: 11. Identify anticipated areas of expert testimony: 12. 13. Requested Track: Expedited (13 months) Standard (18 months) Complex (24 months). Additional Comments (if any): 14. 15. Is this ____ Jury or ____ Non Jury matter? Demand: $ Offer: $ 01-111 American LegalNet, Inc.

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