Summons Appointment Of Guardian For Disabled Person | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Illinois

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Summons Appointment Of Guardian For Disabled Person | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Illinois

Last updated: 10/12/2018

Summons Appointment Of Guardian For Disabled Person

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UNITED STATES OF AMERICASTATE OF ILLINOIS COUNTY OF LASALLEIN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE 13TH JUDICIAL CIRCUITIn the matter of the Guardianshipof the Person and Estate of: No. An Alleged Disabled PersonSUMMONSAPPOINTMENT OF GUARDIAN FOR DISABLED PERSONTo: YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED to appear at a hearing on the Petition of to adjudge you a disabled person and have a guardian appointed to make decisions for you regarding yourself or your property or both. A copy of the petition is attached.Take notice that you must ! le your answer or otherwise make your appearance in said Court held in Room at the LaSalle County Courthouse, 119 West Madison Street, Ottawa, Illinois on , 20 , at .M.. A hearing will be held on that day to determine whether or not a guardian shall be appointed for you. If you are not present at said hearing and if you fail to enter your appearance before said date, the Petitioner may proceed with the hearing by default and your rights may be affected.The Court may appoint a person called a Guardian Ad Litem to explain this matter to you.At the hearing, you have the right to be represented by a lawyer. You have the right to attend the hearing. If you do not have a lawyer, the Court may appoint one for you either at the hearing or by any written or oral request communicated to the Court prior to the hearing, unless the Court ! nds that a lawyer is not required. You have the right to demand a jury trail. You may confront and cross-examine all witnesses and present your own witness. You have the right that your hearing be closed to the public. You have the right to request that an expert be appointed to examine you.E-! ling is now mandatory for documents in civil cases with limited exemptions. To e-! le, you must ! rst create an account with an e-! ling service provider. Visit http://e! to learn more and to select a service provider. If you need additional help or have trouble e-! ling, visit or talk with your local Circuit Clerk222s of! ce.TO THE OFFICER OR OTHER PERSON SERVING THIS SUMMONS:This summons must be served on the alleged disabled person personally not later than fourteen (14) days before the date of appearance. The summons must be returned by the of! cer or other person to whom is was given for service with endorsement of service and fees, if any, not later than three (3) days after service. If services cannot be made on the alleged disabled person personally, this summons shall be returned so endorsed.THIS SUMMONS MAY NOT BE SERVICED LATER THAN 30 DAYS AFTER THE DATE WITNESSED.Name WITNESS: Clerk of said Court and the seal Attorney for Petitioner thereof in said County of LaSalle.Address Dated Telephone (SEAL)Summons - Appt of Guardian for Disabled Person (7/2018) American LegalNet, Inc. NOTICE OF RIGHTSTo: Alleged Disabled PersonYou have been named as a respondent in a guardianship petition asking that you be declared a person with a disability. If the court grants the petition, a guardian will be appointed for you. A copy of the guardianship is attached for your convenience. The date and time of the hearing are: .The place where the hearing will occur is: .The Judge222s name and phone number is: .If a guardian is appointed for you, the guardian may be given the right to make all important personal decisions for you, such as where you may live, what medical treatment you may receive, what places you may visit, and who may visit you. A guardian may also be given the right to control and manage your money and other property, including your home, if you own one. You may lose the right to make these decisions for yourself.You have the following legal rights: (1) You have the right to be present at the court hearing. (2) You have the right to be represented by a lawyer, either one that you retain, or one appointed by the Judge. (3) You have the right to ask for a jury of six persons to hear your case. (4) You have the right to present evidence to the court and to confront and cross-examine witnesses. (5) You have the right to ask the Judge to appoint an independent expert to examine you and give an opinion about your need for a guardian. (6) You have the right to ask that the court hearing be closed to the public. (7) You have the right to tell the court whom you prefer to have your guardian.You do not have to attend the hearing if you do not want to be there. If you do not attend, the Judge may appoint a guardian if the Judge nds that a guardian would be of bene t to you. The hearing will not be postponed or can-celled if you do not attend. If you are unable to attend the hearing in person or you will suffer harm if you attend, the Judge can decide to hold the hearing at a place that is convenient. The Judge can also follow the rule of the Supreme Court of this State, or its local equivalent, and decide if a video conference is appropriate.IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU ATTEND THE HEARING IF YOU DO NOT WANT A GUARDIAN OR IF YOU WANT SOMEONE OTHER THAN THE PERSON NAMED IN THE GUARDIANSHIP PETITION TO BE YOUR GUARDIAN. IF YOU DO NOT WANT A GUARDIAN OR IF YOU HAVE ANY OTHER PROBLEMS, YOU SHOULD CONTACT AN ATTORNEY OR COME TO COURT AND TELL THE JUDGE.SHERIFF222S FEESService and return Miles Sheriff of CountyTotal I certify that I served this summons on Respondents as follows(a)--(Individual Respondent--Personal service is required): By leaving a copy and a copy of the petition with each individual respondent personally, as follows:Name of respondent Sex Race Approx. Age Place of service Sheriff of CountyDate of Service Time By , Deputy American LegalNet, Inc.

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