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Notice Of Change Of Address | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Indiana

Notice Of Change Of Address

This is a Indiana form that can be used for Southern District within Federal, Bankruptcy Court.

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B-2002-1 (rev 10/1/12) UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT Southern District of Indiana In re: [Name of Debtor(s)], Debtor(s). ) ) ) ) Case No. (xx-xxxxx) NOTICE OF CHANGE OF ADDRESS [TO CREDITOR(S) WITH NEW OR CORRECTED ADDRESS(ES)] [Note: Local Rule B-2002-1(d)(2) and (3) require the debtor(s) to file a Notice of Change of Address when advised that an address provided is incorrect or incomplete. The rule also requires that any creditor who did not receive notice of the case as a result of the bad address is to receive copies of pertinent documents in the case. This form both notifies the Court of correct addresses AND gives notice to the creditors who did not previously receive notice of the case. If a creditor has already received notice, omit the section entitled `To the Listed Creditors,' attach a Statement in Lieu of Notice instead of using the Certificate of Service section in this form, and sign this Notice of Change of Address in the appropriate manner.] To the Court: The correct address(es) for the following creditor(s) are as follows: [List name(s) and corrected address(es) for each creditor.] To the Listed Creditors: You are listed as a creditor in this case, but the original address was incorrect or missing. Accompanying this notice are the following documents: notice of meeting of creditors [send copy of notice with full social security number(s) or describe method by which creditor(s) (was/were) given notice of social security number(s)]; (plan or amended plan) dated (date); notice of bar date (if any and if not shown on meeting notice); 1 American LegalNet, Inc. B-2002-1 (rev 10/1/12) notice of confirmation hearing, if any; other (list any other pleading or notice served on all creditors prior to the addition of a new creditor to the list). /s/ Counsel for Debtor(s) Counsel for Debtor(s) (required signature block) CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE (See "Certificate of Service - Generic" on the Court's website under "Forms/Local/Motions & Related Notices-Certificates of Service-Orders/Certificates of Service/Generic.") [Note: Ensure service on listed creditor(s).] 2 American LegalNet, Inc.

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