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Bill Of Sale Without Warranty {R-3.9} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | FLSSI Real Property

Bill Of Sale Without Warranty {R-3.9}

This is a Florida form that can be used for Conveyances within FLSSI, FLSSI Real Property.

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BILL OF SALE (Without Warranty) 1. IDENTIFICATION OF SELLER Seller's name and address is: The word "I" or "me" as hereafter used means the Seller. 2. IDENTIFICATION OF BUYER Buyer's name and address is: The word "you" as hereafter used means the Buyer. 3. MEANINGS OF TERMS The terms "I," "me," or "you" shall be non-gender specific (i) masculine, (ii) feminine, or (iii) neuter, such as corporations, partnerships or trusts), singular or plural, as the context permits or requires, and include heirs, personal representatives, successors or assigns where applicable and permitted. 4. PROPERTY BEING CONVEYED The Property being conveyed (the "Property") is described [on the reverse hereof] [on exhibit attached entitled "List of Property Conveyed"] [as follows: ] . [The Property is now located at .] 5. CONSIDERATION [and other valuable consideration] Payment by you to me of U.S. $ (the "Consideration") which I have received. 6. CONVEYANCE For the Consideration, I sell, transfer and convey to you the Property. [7. "AS IS" CONDITION The Property is sold to you in its "as is" condition. YOU AGREE THAT I HAVE BAR FORM NO. R-3.9 © Florida Lawyers Support Services, Inc. 2008 American LegalNet, Inc. MADE NO REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED (INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE), AS TO THE CONDITION OF THE PROPERTY, ITS SUITABILITY OR USEFULNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR ITS COMPLIANCE WITH ANY FEDERAL, STATE OR LOCAL STATUTE, ORDINANCE, RULE, REGULATION OR ORDER.] Dated: [As of the] . Appropriate Signature(s) Witnesses - Not Necessary Acknowledgment - Not Necessary American LegalNet, Inc.

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