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Guidelines For Preparation Of Master Address Lists {EDC 2-190} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | California

Guidelines For Preparation Of Master Address Lists {EDC 2-190}

This is a California form that can be used for EDC Forms within Federal, USBC Eastern.

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OFFICE OF THE CLERK UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT EASTERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA GUIDELINES FOR PREPARATION OF MASTER ADDRESS LISTS December 19, 2013 The following guidelines have been approved by the Court and are issued pursuant to Local Bankruptcy Rule 1007-1(b) and superseded the version of this form entitled Guidelines for Preparation of Master Address List (Rev. 11/21/12). A Master Address List includes the names, addresses and zip codes of all creditors in a bankruptcy case. This list is used for noticing and must be filed at the time the petition is filed. The Court's computer system requires the Master Address List to be prepared for electronic recognition. All Master Address Lists must comply with the following guidelines. Debtors not represented by an attorney, or whose petitions are prepared by a Bankruptcy Petition Preparer, must prepare the Master Address List for filing in printed form. The court offers an online application that will assist with preparing a Master Address List for paper submission. This is available at the Clerk's Office or online at Attorneys must prepare an electronic version of the Master Address List for direct submission through the court's electronic filing system. The Master Address List must be saved in a "pure text" format (not delimited) such as MS-DOS text or ASCII (DOS) text with a .txt filename extension. More information on how to submit a Master Address List electronically is available at the Clerk's Office or online at Sample Master Address List Sears Credit 123 Main Street Sacramento, CA 95222 Wells Fargo Bank 8000 W Major Blvd Chicago, IL 12345 Bank of Denver 123 Any Street PO Box 1234 Denver, CO 80202 EDC 2190 (Rev. 12/19/13) Page 1 of 2 American LegalNet, Inc. General Format Requirements Use only plain, 8.5 x 11 white paper. Do not print on both sides of the paper. Do not use letterhead or include page numbers, line numbers, headers, or footers. No handwriting, stray marks, correction fluid or tape. Lists should be typed in a single column on the page and prepared in Courier 10 cpi (same as 12 point on a word processor). Limit the name and address to 5 lines per creditor. Limit each line to 40 characters or less. Names of individuals must be in first/middle/last name order. Do not include titles, i.e., Mr., Mrs.. Creditors must be listed alphabetically, according to the first letter of the company or first name. Do not include punctuation in names and addresses, including periods (.) after abbreviations or initials. One comma between the city and state is permitted. Do not use any special characters such as %. Hyphens in nine-digit zip codes are permitted. "Care of", and "attention" designations may be included only on the second line. The city, state and zip code must be on the last line. The name of the state must be abbreviated using two upper case letters. Zip codes are mandatory. Foreign addresses must include the complete name of the country. Leave at least two blank lines between one creditor's name and address and another's. Do not leave blank lines within an address, or between a creditor's name and address. Do not duplicate creditors with the same address, even if there is more than one account with that creditor. Do not include account numbers in the list of creditors. Do not include the debtor, joint debtor, attorney for the debtor(s), or United States Trustee on the list. When the Unites States is a creditor on a debt for other than taxes, it must be listed on Master Address Lists in accordance with Local Bankruptcy Rule 2002-1(a). Other federal and state agencies that have specified particular addresses to which notice of bankruptcy proceeding must be listed on Master Address Lists using the addressed shown on form EDC 2-785, Roster of Governmental Agencies. Every Master Address List must be accompanied by a Verification of Master Address List, form EDC 2100. EDC 2190 (Rev. 12/19/13) Page 2 of 2 American LegalNet, Inc.

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