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Document Production Form (Chapter 7) | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Indiana

Document Production Form (Chapter 7)

This is a Indiana form that can be used for Southern District within Federal, Bankruptcy Court.

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NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND PRACTITIONERS CHAPTER 7 UNIFORM DOCUMENT PRODUCTION LIST After extensive discussion and negotiation with representatives of the consumer debtors' bar, the Chapter 7 trustees serving in the Southern District of Indiana have agreed on a uniform list of documents to be provided by each Chapter 7 debtor. These documents must be delivered to the case trustee before the meeting of creditors. Most of these documents are required by the Bankruptcy Code and Rules. Local Rule B4002-1 provides additional authority for these document requests. These are the documents which the trustees believe they need to fulfill their statutory obligations. Meetings of creditors will proceed more smoothly if the documents are submitted in advance. The trustees have also agreed to receive the documents electronically. The trustees will be expecting these documents in every Chapter 7 case. For cases filed after October 1, 2006, the trustees may elect not to conduct the meeting of creditors on the original date set if the documents listed have not been provided as required. The trustees will not be distributing this list to you separately. However, the trustees may request specific documents not included in this standard list, if they so desire based on the facts of your case. Your cooperation with this document request is appreciated, and will help meetings run more quickly and smoothly. (Note: Always bring your Petition, Schedules with Declaration, and Statement of Financial Affairs with original signatures to your meeting of creditors.) American LegalNet, Inc. DOCUMENT PRODUCTION FORM DEBTOR NAME: JOINT DEBTOR NAME: BANKRUPTCY NO.: DATE: ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ Please send the following items and this completed and signed form electronically in PDF format seven days before the first meeting of creditors to the trustee assigned to your case, to avoid having your meeting continued. [Do not send this form or the requested documents to the U.S. Trustee.] 1) Your most recent tax returns filed, including W-2's. (DO NOT CASH ANY TAX REFUNDS UNTIL AUTHORIZED BY THE TRUSTEE.) Not provided because _____________________________________________ Attached 2) If you are married and filing individually, copies of documentation used to complete the spouse's portion of Schedule I. Bring to the meeting of creditors your most recent pay stubs. Not provided because _____________________________________________ Attached 3) The last three monthly statements from prior to the date of filing for each of your depository and investment accounts, including checking, savings and money market accounts, mutual funds and brokerage accounts; and the most recent statement received for any retirement account. Bring to the meeting of creditors the statement for each such account (other than any retirement account) that includes the date the bankruptcy was filed. Not provided because _____________________________________________ Attached 4) If you claim expenses for private school tuition/education/extra home heating expenses for you or your dependents (Form B22), any supporting documents/receipts not previously provided to the U.S. Trustee. Not provided because _____________________________________________ Attached American LegalNet, Inc. 5) If you have any judgments in your favor, or are in the midst of legal proceedings seeking damages for yourself, copies of any complaint or judgment. Please provide the name, address, and telephone number for the attorney handling the case. If you have been involved in a dissolution of marriage proceeding in the last three years, please provide a copy of the divorce decree and any property settlement agreement. Not provided because _____________________________________________ Attached 6) A copy of the front page, the page containing the legal description, and the signature page of any real estate mortgage on your real estate, and a copy of the deed to any real estate in which you have an interest. Not provided because _____________________________________________ Attached 7) For any real estate in which you have an interest and which you are not surrendering, objective evidence of value, including any appraisal obtained within the past three years, recent market analysis, or the latest tax statement showing assessed value. Not provided because _____________________________________________ Attached 8) If you have a domestic support obligation ("DSO") and this information is available, the name, address and telephone number of the DSO claim holder. Not provided because _____________________________________________ Attached I affirm under the penalties for perjury that the attached are true and accurate copies of the original requested documents and that the statements contained herein are true. ____________________________________ DEBTOR ____________________________________ JOINT DEBTOR American LegalNet, Inc.

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