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Petition For Change Of Name (Change Of Name) {NC-100} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | California

Petition For Change Of Name (Change Of Name) {NC-100}

This is a California form that can be used for Name Change within Judicial Council.

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This petition seeks to change name of (check one) to conform to that person's gender identity. Before you complete this petition, you should read the Instructions for Filing a Petition for Change of Name (form NC-100-INFO). You must answer all questions and check all boxes that apply to you on this petition. You must file this petition in the superior court of the county where the person whose name is to be changed resides.Petitioner requests that the court decree the following name changes (list every name that you are seeking to change):Present name a.b.c.d.Petitioner requests that the court issue an order directing all interested persons to appear or file objections to show cause why this petition for change of name of the persons identified in item 2 should not be granted.If this petition requests the change of name of any person or persons under 18 years, this request is being made bya.b.c.d.e.b226f. (These are the items on the attached page or pages of Form NC-110.)PETITION FOR CHANGE OF NAME (Change of Name)Form Adopted for Mandatory Use Judicial Council of California NC-100 [Rev. September 1, 2018]Code of Civil Procedure, 247 1275 et seq. name 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. For each person whose name is to be changed, petitioner provides the following information (you must attach a completed copy of the attachment Name and Information About the Person Whose Name Is to Be Changed (form NC-110) for each person identified in item 2):resides in this county.Page 1 of 1Petitioner (present name):changed tochanged tochanged tochanged toThe number of persons under 18 years of age whose names are to be changed is (specify):The number of attachments included in this petition is (specify number):7.6. a. two parent.near relative (name and relationship):guardian (name):other (specify): PETITION OF (name of each petitioner): CASE NUMBER: PETITION FOR CHANGE OF NAMENC-100 SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OFSTREET ADDRESS:MAILING ADDRESS:CITY AND ZIP CODE:BRANCH NAME: ATTORNEY OR PARTY WITHOUT ATTORNEYSTATE BAR NUMBER:NAME:FIRM NAME:STREET ADDRESS:CITY:STATE:ZIP CODE:TELEPHONE NO.:FAX NO.:E-MAIL ADDRESS:ATTORNEY FOR (name):Continued (if you are seeking to change additional names, you must prepare a list and attach it to this petition as Attachment 2.) petitioner (name): American LegalNet, Inc.

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