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TN 3 Trade Name Cancellation Form | Pdf Fpdf Docx | District Of Columbia

TN 3 Trade Name Cancellation Form

This is a District Of Columbia form that can be used for General within Secretary Of State, Corporations Division.

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Mail all forms and required payment to: Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs Corporations Division PO Box 92300 Washington, DC 20090 Phone: (202) 442 - 44 32 Corporate Online Services Information: Many corpor ate filings are available by using CorpOnline Service. Go to CorpOnline site at https://corp online , create the profile, access the online services main page and proceed. Online filers must pay by using the credit card. District of Columbia Government Corporations Division T N - 3 Trade Name Cancellation Form Ver. 5 , April 201 8 . Use this form to cancel your trade name . Trade name cancelation effective date is the date of filing of this form. If owner of the trade name is entity and it is not in active status trade name is canceled automatically. ENTITY TYPE FILING F E E All entities; Trade Name Cancellation Refer to Corporate Fee Schedule posted online; Under the provisions of the Title 29 of D.C. Code (Business Organizations Act) and Title 47 Chapter 28, the entity identified below hereby applies for a Certificate of Trade Name Cancelation and for that purpose submits the following statement: 1. 1. Name of Individual or Entity, using the trade name: 2.Existing Trade Name: 3.Trade Name File # or Owning Entity File#: 4 .Date of original regi stration: 5 .Name of the Governor or Authorized Person. 5 A. Signature of the Governor or Authorized Person. If you sign this application, you agree that you understand that anyone who makes a false statement anywhere on it can be punished by criminal penalties of a fine up to $1000, imprisonment up to 180 days, or both, under DCOC 247 22 - 2405. American LegalNet, Inc.

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