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Motor Vehicle Lemon Law Notice (Wisconsin)

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Motor Vehicle Lemon Law Notice (Wisconsin) | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Legal Forms

Motor Vehicle Lemon Law Notice (Wisconsin) Form

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This is a Legal Forms form that can be used for Lemon Law within Consumer.

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Motor Vehicle Lemon Law Notice Demand for relief under s. 218.0171, Wisconsin Statutes Print & complete, or click on first line. Tab to next field. Enter only as much text as will fit on a line. Pursuant to the Wisconsin Lemon Law, I am notifying _____________________________________of the following: (check one) manufacturer My vehicle has been made available for repair at least 4 times for the same defect during its first year of warranty. My vehicle has been out of service at least 30 days because of one or more defects during its first year of warranty. Vehicle make ______________ Model _________________Year ________VIN (17 digits) ______________________ Name and city/state of selling or leasing dealer or leasing company _________________________________________ Date of vehicle delivery ______________________________ Today's date ___________________________________ Name of financial institution that financed/leased vehicle ______________________ Loan account # ______________ By providing this information, I authorize the manufacturer to contact this financial institution for financing information needed to calculate a refund. Authorization expires 35 days after the date of this form. è See back for vehicle defect and repair information ç My vehicle has a defect(s) that substantially impairs its use, value or safety. I demand that the manufacturer give me one of the following within 30 days: (check one) A comparable new vehicle in accordance with the Lemon Law, plus collateral costs A refund calculated in accordance with the Lemon Law, plus collateral costs Description of collateral costs I have incurred in connection with vehicle repairs. (Examples include alternative transportation, towing costs.)________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Description of non-removable options that have been added to my vehicle after the sale, but not included in the vehicle purchase price. (Examples include sunroof, rustproofing, roof rack, pinstriping, etc.)____________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Description of missing equipment or serious unrepaired vehicle damage. (Do not include normal wear and tear such as minor dents, scratches, pitted glass, soiled carpets, minor stains or tears.)_________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ I offer to return my vehicle and transfer title after the manufacturer meets my demand for Lemon Law relief. Owner name__________________________________ Co-owner (if any)____________________________________ Address__________________________________________________________________________________________ Home phone (optional)___________________________ Work phone (optional)_______________________________ Fax (optional)_________________________________ Owner signature______________________________________ American LegalNet, Inc. Vehicle repair information I have made my vehicle available to an authorized dealership for repair because of the defect(s) on these dates: Date in/out Mileage Dealership name Problems you reported We recommend you send this notice to the manufacturer by certified mail. Keep a copy for your records. American LegalNet, Inc.