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Standard Residential Lease (Fixed Term) {401} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Murtha Cullina

Standard Residential Lease (Fixed Term) {401}

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STANDARD RESIDENTIAL LEASE (Fixed Term) 1. Parties. , the "LANDLORD", whose address and , telephone number are , agrees to rent to , the "TENANT", whose current home address and telephone number are , the premises described in paragraph 2, below. 2. Description Of Premises. The premises (the "Premises") are described as [insert street address and apartment no.] and include yard, attic/basement storage, refrigerator, washer, dryer, dishwasher etc., as appropriate] , but exclude . [insert references to and shall end on 3. Lease Term. The lease shall begin on . Delivery of keys to the LANDLORD or acceptance thereof shall not constitute agreement of the LANDLORD to terminate. 4. Rent. The total rent for the Premises for the Lease Term is dollars ($ ), payable in monthly installments of dollars ($ ) which are due in advance on the day of each calendar month. Rent shall be paid to . If a payment for a particular month is made more than thirty (30) days after due date, a late fee of $ shall be due. A security deposit of $ was received and a copy of receipt is attached. 5. Time. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE as to each provision of the Lease. 6. Utilities / Heating Fuel. The LANDLORD shall pay all charges for water and shall reasonably supply hot water and heat (except to the extent that fuel for heat is separately metered to the Premises) during heating season, as required by applicable law or code. The TENANT agrees to act reasonably to avoid wasting of water, heating fuel or other utilities for which LANDLORD has agreed to pay. Payment for the utilities listed shall be made by: [check applicable box] Fuel For Heat Landlord Tenant [check applicable box] Fuel For Hot Water Landlord Tenant [check applicable box] Tenant Electricity Landlord [check applicable box] Gas Landlord Tenant [Note: fuel, electricity, gas and other utilities may be billed to TENANT only where separately metered] 7. Delivery Of Premises. On the date the Lease begins the LANDLORD shall deliver full possession of the Premises to the TENANT, free of all occupants and of all personal property, except property included in the Lease. If despite reasonable efforts the LANDLORD is unable to deliver full possession of the Premises on the date the Lease begins, the LANDLORD shall not be liable to TENANT for any loss or damage nor shall this Lease be void or voidable, but the rent for the Lease Term shall be proportionally reduced and the TENANT shall not be liable for any rent until possession is delivered. Either party may terminate this Lease by written notice if possession is not delivered within thirty (30) days after the beginning date of the Lease Term. Upon delivery of such notice all payments made by the TENANT pursuant to this Lease shall be immediately returned and all obligations of the TENANT Form No. 401 © 1999, 2002 MASSACHUSETTS ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® Page 1 of 5 and LANDLORD shall terminate and this Lease shall automatically become void and neither the TENANT nor LANDLORD shall have further recourse or remedy against the other. The TENANT authorizes the LANDLORD to commence any necessary proceedings in the name of the TENANT to recover possession. 8. Occupancy / Use / Assignment / Subletting. The Premises shall be used solely for residential persons of whom are under six years of age, but shall not purposes for occupancy of exceed limits established by law, regulation or ordinance. Should the TENANT desire or anticipate a change in occupancy of the Premises due to adoption, birth of a child or otherwise, the TENANT shall notify the LANDLORD at least sixty (60) days in advance. The TENANT shall not assign TENANT'S rights under this Lease and shall not sublet all or part of the Premises without prior written permission of the LANDLORD. Occupancy of any part of the Premises by any person, including a guest of TENANT, for a period of ten (10) or more consecutive days or for more than a total of fifteen (15) days in any sixty (60) day period shall require written permission of the LANDLORD. If the Premises are part of a condominium, apartment building or other multiple dwelling, the TENANT agrees to abide by all rules and regulations governing such dwelling. The TENANT agrees not to use or permit the Premises to be used for any improper or unlawful purpose and agrees to limit use of the Premises so that it does not disturb or interfere with comfort, safety or enjoyment of any person living nearby, including any occupant of the condominium, apartment building or multiple dwelling. 9. Cleanliness / Alterations / Repairs. The TENANT shall at all times maintain the Premises in a clean and sanitary condition and in the same condition as they were at the start of the tenancy, reasonable use and wear excepted. For other maintenance or repair of the Premises, the TENANT shall notify LANDLORD or [insert name, address, phone number] If the TENANT fails to maintain, as agreed, the LANDLORD shall have the option to make such repairs, whereupon the TENANT shall reimburse the LANDLORD upon demand. The TENANT shall not paint or wallpaper any part of the Premises without LANDLORD'S written permission nor shall the TENANT make any interior or exterior alteration or change in the Premises nor shall TENANT change any lock or re-key any lock without the written permission of the LANDLORD. Should a new lock be installed or an existing lock be altered or re-keyed, the TENANT shall immediately deliver a duplicate key to the LANDLORD at TENANT'S sole expense. The TENANT shall not install any washing machine, dryer, air conditioner, space heater, waterbed or fixture without written permission of the LANDLORD. Unless otherwise agreed, any lock or fixture installed in the Premises with permission of the LANDLORD shall become the property of the LANDLORD upon termination of the Lease. No object shall be thrown from any porch, balcony or window nor kept on any railing, fire escape or windowsill. The TENANT shall not place or store any property in any common area. The TENANT shall be liable for any misuse of any plumbing fixture or equipment, including disposal of rubbish or garbage that damages any fixture or clogs any pipe. The TENANT shall maintain any surrounding grounds for which TENANT is given exclusive use, including any trees and shrubbery, keeping same free of rubbish and weeds. At the termination of the Lease the TENANT shall surrender the Premises with all keys to LANDLORD in the same condition as they now are, reasonable use and wear

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