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Articles Of Dissolution | Pdf Fpdf Docx | South Dakota

Articles Of Dissolution

This is a South Dakota form that can be used for Domestic within Secretary Of State, Corporation, Nonprofit Corporation.

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Page 1 of 2 Secretary of State Office 500 E Capitol Ave Pierre, SD 57501 (605)773-4845 Pursuant to the provisions of SDCL 47-26-9, the undersigned corporation adopts the Articles of Dissolution for the purpose of dissolving the corporation. 1.The Name and Business ID of the corporation is: Name (Note: This must be the exact corporate name as registered.) Business ID 2. Please complete EITHER section A, B or C, whichever one is applicable A.WHERE THERE ARE MEMBERS ENTITLED TO VOTE:1.The resolution to dissolve was adopted at a meeting of the members of said corporation. Aquorum of members was present at such meeting. 2.The meeting was held on: 3.The number of members present at such meeting or represented by proxy was: a)The number of members which voted for such dissolution was: b)The number of members voting against such dissolution was: 4.The resolution received at least two thirds of the votes entitled to be cast by members present orrepresented by proxy at such meeting. OR B.WHERE THERE ARE MEMBERS ENTITLED TO VOTE:1. The resolution was adopted by a consent in writing signed by all members entitled to vote withrespected thereto. 2. The consent was signed on: OR C.IF THERE ARE NO MEMBERS, OR NO MEMBERS ENTITLED TO VOTE THEREON: 1.The resolution to dissolve was adopted at a meeting of the board of directors of saidcorporation. 2.The meeting was held on: 3.Such dissolution resolution received the vote of a majority of the directors in office. ARTICLES OF DISSOLUTION DOMESTIC NONPROFIT CORPORATION SDCL 47-26-9 FILING FEE: $5 ayable to SECRETARY OF STATE American LegalNet, Inc. Page 2 of 2 nonprofitarticlesdissolution 3.All debts, obligations, and liabilities of the corporation have been paid and discharged or adequate provisions havebeen made therefor.4.Attach a copy of the plan of distribution if any, as adopted by the corporation OR state that no plan wasso adopted.5.All remaining property and assets of the corporation have been transferred, conveyed or distributed in accordancewith the provisions of SDCL 47-26.6.There are no suits pending against the corporation in any court, or adequate provision has been made for thesatisfaction of any judgment, order or decree which may be entered against it in any pending suit. This application must be signed by an authorized officer of the corporation. No person may execute this report knowing it is false in any material respect. Any violation may be subject to a civil and/or criminal penalty (SDCL 22-39-36). Dated Signature of an authorized person Email (Optional) Printed Name Title American LegalNet, Inc.

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