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Petition For Final Discharge Of Conservator (Minor) {GC-504} | Pdf Doc Docx | GTLaw

Petition For Final Discharge Of Conservator (Minor) {GC-504}

This is a GTLaw form that can be used for Guardianship-Conservatorship within Arizona State Bar.

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FORM GC-504 [Attorney's Name, State Bar No.] [Address] [Phone Number] Attorney for: SUPERIOR COURT OF ARIZONA, COUNTY In the Matter of the Conservatorship for: NO. PETITION FOR FINAL DISCHARGE OF CONSERVATOR a Minor. <Conservator's Name> ("Former Conservator"), the former conservator for <Minor's Name>, states as follows: 1. On <Order Date>, the Court entered its Order Terminating Conservatorship and Approving Final Account and Decree of Settlement and Distribution of Estate (the "Order Terminating Conservatorship") in connection with these proceedings. 2. In accordance with the Order Terminating Conservatorship, Former Conservator has fully distributed the property of the conservatorship estate to the person(s) entitled thereto by delivery of possession or proper instruments or deeds of distribution, as evidenced by the receipts or copies of other documents attached hereto collectively as Exhibit A and/or previously filed with the Court. Accordingly, Petitioner requests that, after notice and hearing as required by law, the Court: A. Discharge Former Conservator from further claim or demand of any interested person in connection with this matter and, particularly, Former Conservator's administration of the conservatorship estate; B. Release the surety or sureties of Former Conservator from any liability to be hereafter incurred and release any cash bond or other security given by Former Conservator in connection with this matter; and American LegalNet, Inc. C. Enter such other orders as the Court deems appropriate under the circumstances. Respectfully submitted this ____ day of _________________ 20____. <Firm Name> By <Attorney Name> Attorneys for <Conservator's Name>, Former Conservator American LegalNet, Inc. VERIFICATION STATE OF County of ) ) ) ss. <Conservator's Name>, first being duly sworn, states as follows: <I am the <Title> of <Petitioner's Name if Company>, the Former Conservator in the foregoing petition and am authorized to make this Verification on said corporation's behalf./I am the Conservator in the foregoing petition.> The statements in said petition are accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief. <Name of Person Signing Verification> <Title> <Company Name> SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO before me this ____ day of _______________, ________, by <Name of Person Signing Verification> <./, <Title> of <Company Name>, on behalf of said corporation.> _____________________________ Notary Public Seal and commission expiration date: __ American LegalNet, Inc.

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