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US_Ltr IDS Reminder

This is a Arent Fox form that can be used for US Dual Authors within Everything.

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June 20, 2007 Attorney direct fax Attorney direct fax Re: Information Disclosure Statement Reminder U.S. Patent Application Number: Inventor: Your Reference: Our Reference: : Dear Now that the above-referenced patent application has been filed, there is an ongoing obligation to disclose information material to patentability of the invention described in the abovereferenced application. "Material information" is defined in the enclosure entitled "ReminderDuty of Disclosure." Essentially, material information is any information that may prevent patenting of the invention disclosed in an application. Examples of material information include publications relating to the present invention, such as advertisements, press releases, pamphlets, or any other publicly disclosed document. Material information also includes any foreign patents or patent applications that are related to the present invention. Therefore, please forward to us, as soon as possible, all materials, references, and any prior publications of which you are aware that may be material to the patent examination. Please also include the date the information was made publicly available or otherwise disclosed. If you have any questions about what may qualify as material information, please contact us. As always, if you have any questions or comments regarding this matter, please let us know. Very truly yours, :

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