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FRGN_CA_LTR Report Filing Application | Pdf Doc Docx | Arent Fox

FRGN_CA_LTR Report Filing Application

This is a Arent Fox form that can be used for Foreign Letters within Everything.

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June 20, 2007 Attorney direct fax Re: New Canadian Patent Application Based on International Application No. Title: Our Reference: Your Reference: : Dear We are pleased to report that the above-referenced application was filed with the Canadian Patent Office on . The filing date of the Canadian application will be the filing date of the international application, i.e. . A copy of the transmittal letter and Request for Entry into National Phase is enclosed for your records. Also enclosed please find an assignment document for execution by the inventors. Please have the inventors sign and date this document in the presence of a witness who should also sign and date the assignment where indicated. Kindly return the original fully executed document to us well before the deadline for filing with the Canadian Patent Office. Please be advised that the first maintenance fee for this case was paid with the filing of this application. The next maintenance fee for this case is due on . We have docketed this date in our annuity reminder system, and will contact you as the deadline approaches. Examination of this application will not take place until a Request for Examination is filed. If a request is not made before the application will become abandoned. We will forward a copy of the official filing receipt to you as soon as it is received by this office. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments regarding this matter. Very truly yours, : Enclosure

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