Order Of Disposition, Out-Of-Home (Delinquency Proceedings) {JC 14b} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Michigan

Order Of Disposition, Out-Of-Home (Delinquency Proceedings) {JC 14b}

Order Of Disposition, Out-Of-Home (Delinquency Proceedings) {JC 14b} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Michigan

Order Of Disposition, Out-Of-Home (Delinquency Proceedings) Form

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This is a Michigan form that can be used for Juvenile within Statewide.

Last updated: 1/25/2017
Approved, SCAO PCS CODE: DSP TCS CODE: DSP STATE OF MICHIGAN JUDICIAL CIRCUIT - FAMILY DIVISION COUNTY Court address ORI MI- ORDER OF DISPOSITION, OUT-OF-HOME (DELINQUENCY PROCEEDINGS) CASE NO. PETITION NO. Court telephone no. CTN/TCN SID DOB 1. In the matter of name(s), alias(es) 2. Date of hearing: Judge/Referee: Bar no. 3. Notice of hearing for the disposition was given as required by law. 4. The juvenile has appeared in court in person with parent(s), guardian, legal custodian, guardian ad litem, and was represented by an attorney. waived representation by an attorney. 5. An adjudication was held and the court determined that the juvenile committed the following offense(s) and/or the following offense(s) has/have been dismissed: ADJUDICATED BY DISMISSED Count Plea* Court Jury By* ALLEGATIONS CHARGE CODE(S) MCL Citation/PACC Code *For plea, insert "A" for admission or "NC" for nolo contendere. For dismissal, insert "D" for dismissed by court or "NP" for dismissed by prosecutor/plaintiff. 6 7. HIV testing and sex offender registration are completed. 10. The offense adjudicated is abstractable to the Secretary of State under MCL 257.625(21)(a), MCL 257.732, MCL 324.80131, MCL 324.81134(12), MCL 324.81135(7), MCL 324.82157, or MCL 333.7408a(12). The juvenile's driver's license number is See additional pages. . Reference Note: The term "department" refers to the Department of Health and Human Services. American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com JC 14b ORDER OF DISPOSITION, OUT-OF-HOME (DELINQUENCY PROCEEDINGS) Order of Disposition, Out-of-Home (9/16) Page of Case No. Petition No. 11. The licensing sanction is reportable to the Michigan State Police under MCL 333.7408a(12) or MCL 257.625(21)(b). Revoked. Suspended days. Restricted days. 12. The juvenile must be placed in an institution outside Michigan because a. institutional care is in the best interests of the juvenile, b. equivalent facitlities to meet the juvenile's needs are not available within Michigan, and c. the placement will not cause undue hardship. 13. It is contrary to the welfare of the juvenile to remain in the home because: 14. a. Reasonable efforts to prevent removal of the juvenile from the home were not made. b. Reasonable efforts were made prior to the placement of the juvenile in foster or other out-of-home care, to prevent or eliminate the need for removing the juvenile from his/her home. Those efforts include: (Specify.) 15. a. Reasonable efforts shall be made to preserve and reunify the family to make it possible for the juvenile to safely return home. b. Reasonable efforts shall not be made to preserve and reunify the family because it would be detrimental to the juvenile's health and safety. c. Reasonable efforts to preserve and reunify the family were not previously required, but due to a change in circumstances, reasonable efforts are now required. Those reasonable efforts have begun and include: (Specify reasonable efforts, and if applicable, the reasons for return.) *Note: returned home, at any subsequent removal. American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com Order of Disposition, Out-of-Home (9/16) Page of Case No. Petition No. IT IS ORDERED: 16. The juvenile is placed in the temporary custody of this court. 17. a. The juvenile is placed with Name of relative or court-supervised foster care home . b. The juvenile is referred to the department for placement and care under MCL 400.55(h). c. The juvenile is placed in and shall satisfactorily complete the juvenile boot camp program established by the department. After satisfactorily completing the program, the juvenile shall be placed in the home of and shall complete a minimum of 120 to a maximum of 180 days of intensive supervised probation in the community. d. The juvenile is committed to the department under MCL 803.301 (Y.R.A.). The Director of the department is appointed States. Pending transfer to the department, temporary placement is as follows: 18. The juvenile is placed on probation. Probation terms are attached. 19. Other: (Include reimbursement as required by MCL 712A.18[2] or as permitted by MCL 769.1f.) 20. Restitution as follows: 21. The juvenile shall pay $25.00 for Crime Victim's Rights Fund. State minimum costs Specify for each count $ DNA assessment (not required if item 8 is checked). 22. The review hearing is Date and time . . Recommended by: Referee signature Date Date Judge American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com