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Application For Retail License Off Premise

This is a West Virginia form that can be used for Alcohol Beverage Control Commission within Statewide.

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State of West Virginia Department of Revenue Alcohol Beverage Control Administration 900 Pennsylvania Avenue, 4th Floor Charleston, WV 25302 INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETING APPLICATION FOR RETAIL LICENSE - OFF PREMISE PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. ALL QUESTIONS ARE TO BE ANSWERED IN FULL. APPLICANT'S ACCURACY AND THOROUGHNESS IN COMPLETING THE APPLICATION FORM WILL ASSIST THIS OFFICE IN PROCESSING THE APPLICATION AND PREVENT UNNECESSARY DELAYS. APPLICANTS MUST TYPE OR PRINT (IN INK) ALL ANSWERS ON ALL FORMS Please find enclosed: 1. Application For Retail License, Consumption Off Premise, Class B (ABCA-192B) 2. Release of Information & Waiver of Confidentiality of Records (ABCA-Lic.RIWCR.2) 3. Floor Plan (ABCA-Lic.FP3), give dimensions of licensed premises 4. Zoning Form (ABCA-Lic.Z.2) INSTRUCTIONS All questions and/or descriptions must be answered. The application must be signed and notarized. If any question/description cannot be completed in the available space on the application, please submit additional pages as needed. Be sure to indicate on the additional pages which question applicant is answering (print Entity and DBA Name on the additional pages). Applications must be completed correctly and all necessary paperwork included when mailed to the ABCA. Failure to do so will result in the application being delayed and/or returned to the applicant for the necessary corrections. LICENSE FEES - License fees must be paid by Certified Check, Cashier's Check, or Money Order. Personal checks, business checks, or cash will not be accepted. Make checks payable to the West Virginia ABCA. If applying for a license after December 31st, the license fee is semi-annually prorated to half the initial fee. LIVE SCAN FINGERPRINTING ­ All applicants must complete a Live Scan Fingerprint in order to obtain a valid license. L-1 Identity Solutions/Morpho Trust will provide fingerprinting services for all WVABCA license applications. Appointments are preferred and may be made by calling L-1 at 855-766-7746 or online at The charge for the fingerprinting and background check is $45.35. The WVABCA does not pay this fee. Applicants will be required to pay this fee directly to L-1 Identity Solutions/Morpho Trust. When completing the application, please have the fingerprint result report forwarded to: WVABCA, Attention: Licensing Division, 900 Pennsylvania Avenue, 4th Floor, Charleston, WV 25302. Fingerprint result reports MUST be sent to the WVABCA directly from L-1. NO REPORTS WILL BE ACCEPTED DIRECTLY FROM LICENSE APPLICANTS. American LegalNet, Inc. WV SECRETARY OF STATE ­ All Associations, Corporations, Limited Liability Corporations, Non-Profit Clubs, and Fraternal Organizations must be duly certified and registered with the WV Secretary of State. Fraternal Organizations must contact the ABCA Licensing Department for additional requirements. INSTRUCTIONS FOR SIGNING: a. If an individual, by the owner b. If a partnership, by each member of the partnership c. If an association, by each member of the governing board d. If a corporation, by all officers, or by other persons specifically authorized by corporate resolution (copy of resolution must be enclosed) e. If a limited liability company, by all members f. Manager(s) must sign All applicants must apply for a "Special Occupation Tax (TTB F 5630.5d)" with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. Form and instructions are available through download at the following website: or by calling the toll-free number at 1-800-937-8864. WINE APPLICATIONS ­ Each type of specialty wine application license is described below: wine Retail ($150.00) - "Wine Retailer" means a person licensed to sell wine at retail to the public at his or her established place of business for off premise consumption. Wine Specialty Shop ($250.00) - "Wine Specialty Shop" means a retailer who shall deal principally in the sale of table wine, non-fortified dessert wines, wine accessories and food or foodstuffs normally associated with wine and: (a) Who shall maintain a representative number of such wines for sale in his/her inventory which are designated by label as varietal wine, vintage, generic and/or according to region of production and the inventory shall contain not less than fifteen percent vintage or vintage-dated wine by actual bottle count: (b) who, any other provisions of this code to the contrary notwithstanding, may maintain an inventory of Port, Sherry, Madeira wines having an alcoholic content of not more than twenty-two percent alcohol by volume and which have been matured in wooden barrels or casks. Wine Specialty Shop Tasting ($400.00) - This license is a combination of the Wine Specialty Tasting ($150.00) and the Wine Specialty Shop ($250.00) licenses. This license allows a wine specialty shop to serve complimentary samples of wine in moderate quantities for tastings. Such wine specialty shop shall organize a wine taster's club, which has at least fifty duly elected members or approved dues-paying members in good standing. Such club shall meet on the wine specialty shop's premises not more than one time per week and shall either meet at a time when the premises are closed to the general public, or shall meet in a separate segregated facility on the premises to which the general public is not admitted. Must have a Wine Specialty Shop license to obtain a Wine Specialty Shop Tasting license. Wine Specialty Shop Sampling ($150.00) - This license allows a wine specialty shop to conduct special wine sampling events at a licensed wine specialty shop location during regular hours of business. The wine specialty shop may serve up to three complementary samples of wine, consisting of no more than one ounce each, to any one consumer in one day. Must have Wine Specialty Shop license to obtain a Wine Specialty Shop Sampling license. Note: A wine Specialty Shop ($250.00) may add Wine Specialty Shop Tasting ($150.00) = $400.00, or add the Wine Specialty Shop Sampling ($150.00) = $400.00 or add both for a combined total of $550.00. Wine Tasting "Farm Winery" ($150.00) - This license allows a farm winery to attend fairs and festivals they have listed on Wine Tasting at a Festival, Fair or Special event (ABC-Lic.w.1) form, that has been submitted to and approved by the WVABCA Commissioner. The license allows the approved farm winery to provide samples served in moderate quantities, which serving siz

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