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Order Appointing Court Monitor {G-4.105}

This is a Florida form that can be used for Guardianship Administration within FLSSI, FLSSI Guardianship.

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IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR FLORIDA IN RE: GUARDIANSHIP OF COUNTY, PROBATE DIVISION File No. Division ORDER APPOINTING COURT MONITOR The Court having determined that it is in the best interest of (the Ward) to appoint a monitor and that the petition and notice of hearing have been served on the guardian, it is ADJUDGED as follows: 1. is appointed Court Monitor, and is empowered to investigate this guardianship, to seek information, examine documents, interview the Ward, guardians, attorneys of record, persons employed by the guardians and pertinent witnesses. It is of particular interest to this Court for the Monitor to focus on: . Upon presentation of a certified copy of this Order to any person, agency, hospital, nursing 2. home, branch of the armed forces, financial institution, utility, school, physician, psychologist, psychiatrist (as permitted by Section 490.0147, Florida Statutes), or law enforcement agency, that person or entity shall permit the Monitor to inspect and copy any records relating to the Ward or this guardianship without further order of this Court. 3. From the date of this appointment until the discharge of the Monitor, all attorneys in this case shall consult with the Monitor prior to scheduling any ex-parte or other hearing, deposition, or other proceeding concerning this guardianship to ensure the Monitor's availability to attend. All guardians, attorneys of record and all other persons employed by the guardians are 4. directed, upon the reasonable request of the Monitor, to communicate orally or in writing with the Monitor, and to make available to the Monitor for examination all files, books and records pertaining to this guardianship. 5. The Monitor shall file as soon as practicable, but not later than days after the date of this Order, a verified report of the Monitor's investigation, which shall contain recommendations the Monitor believes are in the best interest of the Ward. The Monitor shall serve a copy of the report on the guardian's attorney and the ward at the time of filing the report. ORDERED on , . Circuit Judge Bar Form No. G-4.105 © Florida Lawyers Support Services, Inc. January 1, 2017 American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com

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