Notice Of Rights And Obligations {JD-1716} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Wisconsin

Notice Of Rights And Obligations {JD-1716}

Wisconsin/Statewide/Circuit Court/Juvenile/
Notice Of Rights And Obligations {JD-1716} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Wisconsin

Notice Of Rights And Obligations Form

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This is a Wisconsin form that can be used for Juvenile within Statewide, Circuit Court.

Last updated: 9/10/2012
State of Wisconsin Circuit Court Name Notice of Rights and Obligations Date of Birth Case Number County The child/juvenile is alleged to either: · be in need of protection or services, or · have committed a delinquent act. You have the right to: · request counseling. · know the nature and possible consequences of the proceedings: · custody hearing: to determine whether the child/juvenile should be placed or remain in custody; · future hearings: to determine if the allegations are true and whether any disposition should be imposed. · remain silent: · The silence of the juvenile in a delinquency proceeding shall not be adversely considered by the court. · The silence of any party in a non-delinquency proceeding may be relevant and considered by the court. · confront and cross-examine witnesses. · present and subpoena witnesses. · an attorney: · If the child/juvenile desires to be represented by an attorney, the public defender shall appoint an attorney. Parents may be required to reimburse the state or county for the attorney and to contribute toward the expenses of post-adjudication services to the child/juvenile, including alcohol or drug treatment or education. · Parents may hire an attorney at their own expense. · have the allegations proven: · In a delinquency proceeding: beyond a reasonable doubt. · In all other proceedings: by clear and convincing evidence. · a trial: · In delinquency proceedings: to the court. · In juvenile in need of protection or services proceedings: to the court · In child in need of protection or services proceedings: to the court or a jury. · a substitution of judge if the request is made before the end of the plea hearing and the law does not otherwise prohibit a substitution. If the juvenile is ordered to pay a forfeiture or restitution and fails to do so, the amount of the unpaid forfeiture or restitution may be entered and docketed as a judgment against the juvenile and the parent with custody. If it is alleged that the juvenile has committed an act which resulted in personal injury or damage to or loss of property or another, the following information may be disclosed to and used by each victim in a civil action against the parent or the juvenile: · the identity of the juvenile and parent; · the juvenile's police record; · the outcome of the proceedings. Parents may be liable for damages to property, the value of unrecovered stolen property or personal injury attributable to a willful, malicious or wanton act of the juvenile. The amount of recovery from any parent or parents depends upon which statute applies to the delinquent act. I have received a written copy of the above rights and obligations. Signature/Date Signature/Date Signature/Date JD-1716 08/06 Notice of Rights and Obligations §§48.21(3m),48.21(3)(d), 48.24(1m), 48.243, 895.035, 938.21(3)(d), and 938.243, Wisconsin Statutes This forms shall not be modified. It may be supplemented with additional material. American LegalNet, Inc.