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Non Wage Garnishment Notice | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Illinois

Non Wage Garnishment Notice

This is a Illinois form that can be used for Garnishment within Local County, Kankakee.

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UNITED STATES OF AMERICA STATE OF ILLINOIS COUNTY OF KANKAKEE IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE TWENTY-FIRST JUDICIAL CIRCUIT Plaintiff (Judgment Creditor) VS. Defendant (Judgment Debtor) Address of and Garnishee Judgment Amount (Judgment Debtor) $ Return Date File Stamp Here Case Number NON-WAGE GARNISHMENT NOTICE NOTICE TO JUDGMENT DEBTOR The Court has issued a garnishment summons against the Garnishee named above for money or property (other than wages) belonging to the Judgment Debtor or in which the Judgment Debtor has an interest. The garnishment summons was issued on the basis of a judgment against the Judgment Debtor in favor of the Judgment Creditor in the amount stated. The amount of money or property (other than wages) that may be garnished is limited by federal and Illinois law. The Judgment Debtor has the right to assert statutory exemptions against certain money or property of the Judgment Debtor which may not be used to satisfy the judgment in the amount stated. Under Illinois or federal law, the exemption of personal property owned by the debtor include the debtor's equity interest not to exceed $4,000.00 in value, in any personal property as chosen by the debtor; Social Security and SSI benefits; public assistance benefits; unemployment compensation benefits; worker's compensation benefits; veterans benefits; circuit breaker property tax relief benefits; the debtor's equity interest not to exceed $2,400.00 in value in any one motor vehicle and the debtor's equity interest, not to exceed $1,500.00 in value, in any implements, professional books or tools of the trade of the debtor. The Judgment Debtor may have other possible exemptions under the law. The Judgment Debtor has a right to request a hearing before the court to dispute the garnishment or to declare exempt from garnishment certain money or property or both. To obtain a hearing in the Twenty-first Judicial Circuit Court, the Judgment Debtor must notify, Sandra M. Cianci, Clerk of the Circuit Court, in writing at 450 E. Court St., Kankakee, Illinois 60901, on or before the return date specified on this summons. The Clerk of the Court will provide a hearing date and the necessary forms that must be prepared by the Judgment Debtor or the attorney for the Judgment Debtor and sent to the Judgment Creditor and the Garnishee regarding the time and location of the hearing. This notice may be sent by first class mail. Name Judgment Creditor's Attorney (or Judgment Creditor if not represented by an Attorney). Address City Phone American LegalNet, Inc.

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