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Small Claims Appearance And Jury Demand {CCM 0752} | Pdf Doc Docx | Illinois

Small Claims Appearance And Jury Demand {CCM 0752}

This is a Illinois form that can be used for Civil within Local County, Cook.

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Print Form Clear Form Small Claims Appearance and Jury Demand (Claims under $10,000) IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, ILLINOIS MUNICIPAL DEPARTMENT, __________ DISTRICT (1/03/06) CCM 0752 __________________________________________________ v. Plaintiff(s) __________________________________________________ Defendant(s) SMALL CLAIMS APPEARANCE AND JURY DEMAND* (IL Sup Ct. Rules 281-288) } No. ___________________________________ Amount Claimed: $ _______________________ Return Date: ____________________________ Trial Date: _____________________________ Time: _______________ Room: ____________ General Appearance 0900 - Fee Paid 0904 - Fee Waived 0909 - No Fee 0908 - Trial Lawyers Appearance - No Fee Jury Demand* 1900 - Appearance and Jury Demand/Fee Paid 1909 - Appearance and Jury Demand/No Fee Paid Plaintiff Defendant The undersigned enters the appearance of: __________________________________________________________________ (Insert Litigant's Name) __________________________________________ Signature Initial Counsel of Record Additional Appearance Pro Se (Self-represented) Substitute Appearance PRO SE: 99500 ATTORNEY NO.:_________________ (Please complete the following contact information.) Name: ___________________________________________ Atty. for: _________________________________________ Address: _________________________________________ City/State/Zip:_____________________________________ Telephone: _______________________________________ *Strike demand for trial by jury if not applicable. I certify that a copy of the within instrument was served on all parties who have appeared and have not heretofore been found by the Court to be in default for failure to plead. Rule 5/1-109 Cert. Important Once this Appearance form is filed, photocopies of this form must be sent to all other parties named in this case (or to their attorneys) using either regular mail, facsimile transmission (fax) or personal delivery. (See Illinois Supreme Court Rules 11 and 13 for more information.) __________________________________________ Signature *NOTICE TO DEFENDANT: Pursuant to Illinois Supreme Court Rule 286, Defendant is not required to file an answer if s/he files a written appearance on the Return Date set forth in the Summons.

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