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Form of Non-engagement Letter | Pdf Doc Docx | Heller Ehrman

Form of Non-engagement Letter

This is a Heller Ehrman form that can be used for Non-Engagement - Disengagement - Closing within New Business.

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FORM OF NON-ENGAGEMENT LETTER Dear [Non-Client]: This will confirm that you contacted me [by telephone] [by letter] [in person] on _______________, 20___, regarding the possible engagement of this firm by you in connection with the __________________ matter. This will also confirm that this firm will not represent you in connection with that matter. [If appropriate:] Although we have [reviewed the following documents : ____________________________________ and] discussed the matter with you, any advice or opinions stated were preliminary only and not based upon a thorough analysis; accordingly, you should not rely on them but should instead seek other counsel for advice. [If appropriate:] I enclose herewith all of the papers which were delivered to me. [If appropriate:] It is possible that one or more [deadlines] statutes of limitations [may be about to expire] [may expire on [date]]. If such [deadlines] statutes expire, you may lose valuable rights. Therefore, you should take steps immediately to contact another attorney for purposes of preserving whatever rights you may have in the circumstances. I appreciate your consideration of this firm. Please advise me if you have any questions. Very truly yours, C:\Documents and Settings\tmacentee\My Documents\Template Development\PENDING\Forms Library Migration\PDF\New Business\NonEngagement - Disengagement - Closing\Form of Non-engagement Letter.doc (Form of Non-engagement Letter.doc) 10/17/06 1:25 PM

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