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Order Appointing Parenting Coordinator {WAKE-DOM-24} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | North Carolina

Order Appointing Parenting Coordinator {WAKE-DOM-24}

This is a North Carolina form that can be used for Wake (District 10) within Local County.

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STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA COUNTY OF WAKE __________________________, Plaintiff/Petitioner, v. __________________________, Defendant/Respondent. IN THE GENERAL COURT OF JUSTICE DISTRICT COURT DIVISION CASE NO.:______________________ Assigned Judge: __________________________ ORDER APPOINTING PARENTING COORDINATOR NOW on this _____ day of ______________________, 20___, this matter comes before the undersigned Judge of the District Court pursuant to ________________et seq. to appoint a Parenting Coordinator. The Court, having reviewed the file and considered the premises FINDS AND ORDERS as follows: Existing Order(s). A. The parties are currently operating under the following custody/visitation order: __________________________________________ (Decree, order modifying), filed ______________. The child/ren involved in this proceeding are: _____________________________________, age __________, born ______________________ _____________________________________, age __________, born ______________________ _____________________________________, age __________, born ______________________ _____________________________________, age __________, born ______________________ B. A Protective Order ___ has or ___ has not been entered between these parties. This Protective Order, _______________ County Case No PO _______- __________ is modified to allow limited contact for the purposes of parenting coordination, provided the following limits apply: _______________________________________________________________________. Jurisdiction. A. This Court has jurisdiction over child custody and parenting time issues pursuant to NC Gen. Stat. Ch. 50A et seq. B. [Choose one of the following] _____ The parties agree and the court so finds that appointment of a Parenting Coordinator is necessary to assist the parents in implementing the terms of the existing child custody and parenting time order for the specific issues listed in paragraph 5 below. _____ The Court finds that the appointment of a Parenting Coordinator is in the best interest of the child/ren. 3. Parenting Coordinator. _____________________________________, or his/her successor, is appointed as a Parenting Coordinator. The parties shall cooperate with the Parenting Coordinator and follow the terms specified in this Order. Term/Succession. The term of the Parenting Coordinator's service shall be for a period of ______ years from the date of this Order. If the Parenting Coordinator requests to withdraw, then the Court shall appoint another Parenting Coordinator who is agreeable to both parties. If the Court terminates the appointment prior to the expiration date, notice shall be given to the Parenting Coordinator, and a hearing held. 5. Issues Subject to Parent Coordination. A. General Authority: In addition to the responsibility of Parenting Coordinator as defined in the Local Rules, the Parenting Coordinator shall: (1) Assist parents in implementing the custody/visitation Court Order; (2) Reduce conflict between parties; (3) Teach parents communication skills, child development and child issues specific to divorce. 4. 2. 1. WAKE-DOM-24 (2/06) (PAGE 1 OF 4) American LegalNet, Inc. www.USCourtForms.com B. Areas of Domain: The Parenting Coordinator can make minor changes in the following checked areas: (1) _____ Transition time/pickup/delivery (2) _____ Sharing of vacations and holidays (3) _____ Method of pick up and delivery (4) _____ Transportation to and from visitation (5) _____ Participation in child care/daycare and baby sitting (6) _____ Bed time (7) _____ Diet (8) _____ Clothing (9) _____ Recreation (10) _____ After school and enrichment activities (11) _____ Discipline (12) _____ Health Care Management (13) _____ Alterations in schedule which do not substantially alter the basic time share agreement (14) _____ Participation in visitation (significant other, relatives, etc.) (15) _____ Increasing time share when developmentally appropriate for young children (16) _____ Other, as specified: __________________________________________ C. Decision Making Power. In order to carry out the general authority granted to the Parenting Coordinator, the following specific issues are submitted to the Parent Coordinator for decision: (1) ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ (2) ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ (3) ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ (4) ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ (5) ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 6. Role of Parenting Coordinator. A. Decisions: The Parenting Coordinator shall decide any issue as set forth in paragraph 5 within the scope of his/her authority by any appropriate dispute-resolution method. During this process, the Parenting Coordinator may coach and educate the parents about ways to better communicate about the child/ren and about child development issues. B. Recommendations: (1) The Parenting Coordinator may recommend to the Court that the parents participate in any of the following interventions: * therapy, recognizing that couples counseling is not appropriate in cases involving domestic violence; * treatment programs, including batterer's intervention courses; * mediation; * custody/parenting time evaluation; * programs for high conflict parents, anger management, etc.; and * interventions for minor child/ren including the appointment of an attorney or therapy. (2) The Parenting Coordinator may recommend changes in the Parenting Coordinator's decisionmaking power to better accommodate the needs of the parties or their children that may arise during the parenting coordination if the Parenting Coordinator's believes the current Order is not in child/ren's best interest. (3) Any recommendations shall be submitted to the Court in writing with copies to each parent and attorneys involved in the case. The Judge shall determine whether a modification is necessary to implement recommendations of the Parenting Coordinator. C. Resolutions: The primary role of the Parenting Coordinator is to assist the parties in working out disagreements about the chi

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