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Notice To Attend Orientation And Parenting Apart Class {DUR-DOM-06} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | North Carolina

Notice To Attend Orientation And Parenting Apart Class {DUR-DOM-06}

This is a North Carolina form that can be used for Durham (District 14) within Local County.

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DUR-DOM-06 (Rev. 6/17) Page 1 of 2 NORTH CAROLINA 14th JUDICIAL DISTRICT DURHAM COUNTY IN THE GENERAL COURT OF JUSTICE DISTRICT COURT DIVISION FILE NO. -CVD- , Plaintiff(s), v. , Defendant(s), NOTICE TO ATTEND Orientation & Parenting Apart Class (A copy of this form MUST be sent by the Moving Party to the Responding Party and shall operate as both Parties222 Notice to Attend) PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that Pursuant to N.C.G.S. 24750-13.1 and Chapter 237, Section 17.16 of the 1999 Session Laws, the child custody and/or visitation issues in the above captioned case have been referred to a mandatory parenting education class and mandatory participation in the Custody Mediation Program. YOU ARE HEREBY ORDERED TO APPEAR for a group 223Orientation & Parenting Apart Class224 on: THURSDAY, at 11:00 a.m. in Room 9000 (9th floor) of the Durham County Courthouse, 510 S. Dillard Street, Durham, North Carolina. Please arrive on time, allow for 2 HOURS, and do not bring children. Only the parties listed in the caption above may directly participate; other adults who appear may wait in waiting areas. FAILURE TO APPEAR may result in the contempt powers of the Court, including SANCTIONS and/or FINES. For more information regarding this Orientation and Parenting Apart Class, please refer to the enclosed information sheet, and/or contact either of the following: the Mediation Office at (919) 808-3221 or the Access and Visitation Program at (919) 808-3225. CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE I HEREBY CERTIFY that a copy of this Notice has been served in the following manner: by hand delivery to: by Sheriff222s Service by depositing a copy thereof in the United States mail in a properly addressed, postpaid envelope to: Name Address City, State, Zip AND, a copy of this document has been provided to FAMILY COURT, 14th Judicial District, Suite 6500, 6th Floor, Durham County Courthouse, 510 South Dillard Street, Durham, North Carolina 27701. This is the day of , 20. Signature (Moving Party, Case Coordinator or Mediator) American LegalNet, Inc. DUR-DOM-06 (Rev. 6/17) Page 2 of 2 The Child Custody & Visitation Mediation Program: Goals, Benefits and Information James T. Hill Chief District Court Judge District 14 Why am I receiving this notice? Your domestic case has been referred to our mandatory Custody Mediation Program. Enclosed is your Notice to Attend Orientation and Parenting Apart Class. Please appear on time and do NOT bring children. What happens at the Orientation/Class? The Orientation & Parenting Apart Class is held in a group setting. You will receive information about the custody mediation process and about the impact of parental conflict on children. The Orientation/Class will last TWO HOURS. What happens after the Orientation/Class? After all parties complete the group Orientation/Class, you will receive a mandatory private Mediation Session date. The private Mediation Session will not occur on the same day as the group Orientation. What is the purpose of Mediation? Mediation is a practical way for you to resolve the custody and/or visitation matter(s) quickly and at no cost. You and the other party/parent will have the opportunity to create a workable parenting plan with the assistance of a neutral, professional mediator. The goal is to bring parties together regarding the best interests of the child(ren) and avoid having such decisions made by a judge. Agreements reached in mediation become a binding and enforceable Order of the Court once signed by the Presiding District Court Judge. Am I required to attend? Yes, your appearance at the noticed date and time is required. Failure to appear for the first noticed date will result in a 2232nd/final224 Notice being sent. Subsequent failures to appear may result in the contempt powers of the Court. What if I received the Notice to Attend after the scheduled date? Please contact the Mediation Office at (919) 808-3221 right away to reschedule for the next available date. What if I reside a long-distance from the Courthouse? There are some options available for long-distance parties. It is important that you contact the Mediation Office at (919) 808-3221 before the date you are noticed to attend to ask about long-distance options. What if I have safety concerns or an order of protection? Please contact either (919) 808-3221 or (919) 808-3225 to discuss safety concerns and/or protective orders as they relate to mediation. If you have concerns about your physical safety within the building, you may arrange an escort with the Durham County Sheriff deputies in the lobby. If there is an existing Protective Order, please bring an extra copy to the Orientation/Class. Is the mediation requirement ever waived? Mediation may not be appropriate in all cases and is occasionally waived by a judge. If you wish to seek a waiver, you may choose to file a Motion and Order to Waive Custody Mediation (FORM AOC-CV-632), which can be found at or obtained in the Family Court Suite (Suite 6500). American LegalNet, Inc.

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