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Conditions Of Release And Release Order {CR-200} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | North Carolina

Conditions Of Release And Release Order {CR-200}

This is a North Carolina form that can be used for Criminal within Statewide.

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en-USCONDITIONS OF RELEASEen-USAND RELEASE ORDERen-USFile No. en-USName And Address Of Defendant en-USAmount Of Bonden-USIn The General Court Of Justice en-US District en-US Superior Court Division en-USSTATE OF NORTH CAROLINAen-US en-US County en-USSTATE VERSUS en-USG.S. Chapter 15A, Art. 25, 26en-US$en-USOffenses And Additional File Numbersen-USLocation Of Court en-USDateen-USTime þ en-USSeeen-US en-USAttachment þ AM en-US PM þ en-USDistrict en-US en-US en-USSuperior en-USTo The Defendant Named Aboveen-US, you are ORDERED to appear before the Court as provided above and at all subsequent continued dates. en-USIf you fail to appear, you will be arrested and you may be charged with the crime of willful failure to appear. You also may be arrested without a en-USwarrant if you violate any condition of release in this Order or in any document incorporated by reference. en-US en-USThe defendant has been advised of charge(s) against him/her and his/her right to communicate with counsel and friends. þ Your release is authorized upon execution of your: en-US en-USWRITTEN PROMISE to appear en-US UNSECURED BOND in the amount shown aboveen-US þ en-US CUSTODY RELEASE en-US SECURED BOND in the amount shown above (en-USNOTE:en-US en-USGive a copy of this order to any surety who posts bond.en-US)en-US þ en-US þ HOUSE ARREST with ELECTRONIC MONITORING administered by en-US(agency)en-US en-US en-US en-USand the SECURED en en-USBOND above. You may leave your residence for the purpose(s) of en-US employment en-US counseling en-US course of study en-US vocational training en-US Your release is not authorized. þ The defendant is required to provide en-US(check all that apply)en-US en-US fingerprints under G.S. 15A-502. en-US a DNA sample under G.S. 15A-266.3A.en-US en-USPrior to release, the defendant shall provide his/her en-US(check all that apply)en-US en-US fingerprints. en-US DNA sample. þ The defendant has been en-US (i) charged with a felony while on probation en-US(complete AOC-CR-272, Side One)en-US. en-US (ii) arrested for violation of probation en-USwith a pending felony charge or prior conviction requiring registration under G.S. 14, Article 27A en-US(complete AOC-CR-272, Side Two)en-US. þ This Order is entered upon defendant222s warrantless arrest for violation of conditions of release entered previously for the above-captioned case in the en-USOrder dated en-US en-US. en-US The defendant was arrested or surrendered after failing to appear as required under a prior release order. en-US This was the defendant222s second or subsequent failure to appear in this case. en-US Your release is subject to the conditions as shown on the attached en-US AOC-CR-270. en-US Other: en-US en-US.en-USAdditional Information en-USTo The Custodian Of The Detention Facility Named Belowen-US, you are ORDERED to receive in your custody the defendant named above who may be en-USreleased if authorized above. If the defendant is not sooner released, you are ORDERED to: en-US produce him/her in Court as provided above. en-US hold him/her en-US as provided on the attached AOC-CR-272. en-US for the following purpose: en-US en-US. en-US þ en-US[for charges covered by G.S. 15A-534.1 (domestic violence) or 15A-534.7 (threat of mass violence)]en-US en-USproduce him/her at the first session of District or Superior Court held in en-USthis en-UScounty after the entry of this Order or, if no session is held before en-US(enter date and time 48 hours after time of arrest)en-US en-US en-US, en-US en-US en-US AM en-US PM produce him/her before a magistrate of this county at that time to determine conditions of pretrial release. en-US en-USMagistrate en-US en-USDeputy CSC en-US en-USAssistant CSC en-US en-USClerk Of Superior Court en-US en-USDistrict Court Judge en-US en-USSuperior Court Judgeen-USDateen-US en-USORDER OF COMMITMENT en-USName Of Detention Facilityen-USDateen-US en-USI, the undersigned, promise to appear at all hearings, trials or otherwise as the Court may require and to abide by any restrictions set out above.en-US en-USI understand and agree that this promise is effective until the entry of judgment in the District Court from which no appeal is taken or until the entry of en-USjudgment in Superior Court. If I am released to the custody of another person, I agree to be placed in that person222s custody, and that person agrees byen-US en-UShis/her signature to supervise me.en-USWRITTEN PROMISE TO APPEAR OR CUSTODY RELEASE en-USDateen-USSignature Of Defendanten-USName Of Person Agreeing to Supervise Defendant (type or print)en-USSignature Of Person Agreeing To Supervise Defendanten-USAddress Of Person Agreeing To Supervise Defendant en-USDateen-USTimeen-USSignature Of Jailer þ AM en-US PMen-USDEFENDANT RELEASED ON BAIL en-US# American LegalNet, Inc. en-USThe Conditions of Release on the reverse are modified as follows:en-USen-USDateen-US en-USThe defendant is next Ordered produced in Court as follows: en-USPlaceen-USDateen-USPurpose en-USTime en-US en-USDateen-USSignature Of Jaileren-USTimeen-USDateen-USSignature Of Jaileren-USTime en-USNOTE TO CUSTODIAN:en-US en-USThis form shall accompany the defendant to court for all appearances. en-USCONDITIONS OF RELEASE MODIFICATIONS en-USSUPPLEMENTAL ORDERS FOR COMMITMENT en-USDEFENDANT RELEASED FOR COURT APPEARANCE en-USDEFENDANT RECEIVED BY DETENTION FACILITY American LegalNet, Inc.

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