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Claim Of Appeal And Order Appointing Appellate Counsel {JC 84} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Michigan

Claim Of Appeal And Order Appointing Appellate Counsel {JC 84}

This is a Michigan form that can be used for Juvenile within Statewide.

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Approved, SCAO þ Copies to: Trial Court, Court Reporter(s)/Recorder(s), Appointed Attorney, Respondent, Petitioner, Prosecutor, Lawyer-Guardian Ad Litem, Court of Appeals, and Indian tribe (if applicable)JIS CODE: COA STATE OF MICHIGANJUDICIAL CIRCUIT - FAMILY DIVISIONCOUNTY CLAIM OF APPEAL AND ORDERAPPOINTING APPELLATE COUNSEL Substitution of Counsel þ Order AmendedCASE NO.PETITION NO.Court addressCourt telephone no. 1. In the matter of þ en-US(name(s), alias(es), DOB) en-USName(s) of child(ren) affected by the order being appealeden-USName and address of petitioneren-USName and phone number of lawyer-guardian ad litem for child(ren) 2. þ The respondent, en-USName (one respondent per claim of appeal)en-US , claims an appeal from an order terminating þ parental rights entered on en-USDateen-US in the en-US en-US Circuit Court, en-US þ en-US en-US County, Michigan by Judge en-USBar no.en-US . þ en-USCopies of the judgment or order being appealed and the register of actions in the case are attached for the Court of Appeals, þ appointed counsel, petitioner, and prosecutor. 3. þ On en-USDateen-US the respondent filed a request for appointment of attorney and a declaration of indigency.en-USIT IS ORDERED: 4. þ en-US Name Address þ en-USCity, state, and zip Telephone no. Bar no. þ is appointed counsel for the respondent in appellate proceedings. If appointed counsel cannot or will not accept this þ appointment, counsel shall notify the court immediately. 5. þ The court reporter(s)/recorder(s) shall file with the trial court clerk the transcripts listed below and any other transcripts þ þ requested by counsel in this case not previously transcribed. Transcripts shall be filed within 42 days from the date ordered þ or requested. MCR 7.210(B). Reporter(s)/Recorder(s) shall be compensated for the transcripts as provided by law. en-USREPORTER/RECORDER NAMEen-USNUMBERen-USDATE(S) OF PROCEEDING þ The clerk shall immediately send to counsel a copy of the transcripts ordered above or requested by counsel as they þ become available. en-USDate þ en-USJudge Bar no.en-USNote:en-US This order must be served on the respondent, appointed counsel for the respondent, court reporter(s)/recorder(s), en-USpetitioner, prosecuting attorney, Indian tribe (if any), lawyer-guardian ad litem, and guardian ad litem or attorney (if any) for the en-USchild(ren). Service may be made by first-class mail. Use form JC 12a or JC 12b for proof of service and attach it to this order en-USbefore sending it to the Court of Appeals.en-USTo deny appointment of appellate counsel, use form JC 85. American LegalNet, Inc.

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