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Uniform Child Support Order-No Friend Of Court Services {FOC 10a} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Michigan

Uniform Child Support Order-No Friend Of Court Services {FOC 10a}

This is a Michigan form that can be used for Support within Statewide, Domestic Relations.

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STATE OF MICHIGANJUDICIAL CIRCUITCOUNTYUNIFORM CHILD SUPPORT ORDER,NO FRIEND OF THE COURT SERVICES EX PARTE þ TEMPORARY MODIFICATION þ FINAL þ CASE NO. This order is entered þ after hearing. þ on stipulation/consent of the parties. þ þ en-USAn order exempting this case from friend of the court services was entered on en-US . þ en-US(NOTE: If there is no order exempting this case from friend of the court services, form FOC 10/52 must be used.)en-USIT IS ORDERED , unless otherwise ordered in item 8 or 9: þ en-US Standard provisions have been modified (see item 8 or 9). 1. þ en-USThe children who are supported under this order and the payer and payee are:en-US en-USPayer:en-USPayee:en-USChildren222s names, birthdates, and annual overnights with payer:en-USChildren222s namesen-USDate of birthen-USOvernightsen-USEffective en-US en-US , the payer shall pay a monthly child support obligation for the children named above. en-USChildren supported:en-US1 childen-US2 childrenen-US3 childrenen-US4 childrenen-US5 or more childrenen-USBase Support: (includes support plus or minus premium adjustment for health-care insurance)en-US Support:en-US$en-US$en-US$en-US$en-US$en-US Premium adjust:en-US$en-US$en-US$en-US$en-US$en-US Subtotal:en-US$en-US$en-US$en-US$en-US$en-USOrdinary medical:en-US$en-US$en-US$en-US$en-US$en-USChild care:en-US$en-US$en-US$en-US$en-US$en-USOther:en-US$en-US$en-US$en-US$en-US$en-USBenefit credit:en-US$en-US$en-US$en-US$en-US$en-USTotal:en-US$en-US$en-US$en-US$en-US$ en-US Support was reduced because payer222s income was reduced.en-US(Continued on page 2.) American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com Uniform Child Support Order, No Friend of the Court Services þ (12/18) þ Page of Case No. 1. þ en-USItem 1 en-US(continued). þ en-US þ en-USObligation Ends. en-USExcept for child care, or as otherwise ordered, support obligations for each child end on the last day of the þ month the child turns age 18. þ þ þ en-USPost-majority Support: en-USThe following children will be attending high school on a full-time basis after turning 18 years þ of age. Therefore, the support obligation for each specific child ends on the last day of the month as follows, except in þ no case may it extend beyond the time the child reaches 19 years and 6 months of age: þ en-US(Specify name of child and date obligation ends.) þ þ þ þ en-US þ þ en-US þ en-USChild Care.en-US The parties must notify each other of changes in child-care expenses and must additionally notify the friend of þ the court if the changes end those expenses. The child-care obligation for each child ends on August 31 following the child222s þ 12th birthday, at which time the total child care obligation reduces by that child222s pro rata share unless specified differently in þ this order. þ 2. þ en-USInsurance. For the benefit of the children, the þ plaintiff þ defendant þ shall maintain health-care coverage through an þ insurer en-US(as defined in MCL 552.602)en-US that includes payment for hospital, dental, optical, and other health-care expenses when þ that coverage is available at a reasonable cost, including coverage available as a benefit of employment or under an þ individual policy þ en-US up to a maximum of $ en-US for plaintiff. þ en-US up to a maximum of $ en-US en-US for defendant. þ en-US not to exceed 6% of the plaintiff222s/defendant222s gross income. þ 3. þ en-USQualified Medical Support Order.en-US This order is a qualified medical support order with immediate effect pursuant to 29 þ USC þ 1169. Further details, as prescribed by 29 USC 1169(a)(3), are stated in item 9. en-US4. en-USRetroactive Modification and Liens for Unpaid Support.en-US Except as provided by MCL 552.603, support is a judgment the þ date it is due and is not modifiable retroactively. Unpaid support is a lien by operation of law and the payer's property can be þ encumbered or seized if an arrearage accrues in an amount greater than the periodic support payments payable for two þ months under the payer's support order. 5. þ en-USChange of Address, Employment Status, Health Insurance.en-US en-USBoth parties shall notify each other in writing, within 21 days þ of any change in: a) their mailing and residential addresses and telephone numbers; b) the names, addresses, and telephone þ numbers of their sources of income; c) their health-maintenance or insurance companies, insurance coverage, persons þ insured, or contract numbers; d) their occupational or drivers' licenses; and e) their social security numbers unless exempt þ by law pursuant to MCL 552.603. 6. þ en-USFoster-Care Assignment.en-US When a child is placed in foster care, that child's support is assigned to the Department of Health þ and Human Services while under the state's jurisdiction and to the funding county while placed in a county-funded program. 7. þ en-USPrior Orders.en-US Ten-UShis order supersedes all prior child support orders and all continuing provisions are restated in this þ order. en-USPast-due amounts owed under any prior support order in this case are preserved. þ 8. þ en-USMichigan Child Support Formula Deviationen-US The support provisions ordered do not follow the Michigan Child Support þ Formula. The attached deviation addendum (FOC 10d) provides the basis for deviation and the required findings by the þ court. en-US(Continued on page 3.)en-USUninsured Health-Care Expenses.en-US All uninsured health-care expenses exceeding the annual ordinary medical amount will en-USbe paid en-US en-US % by the plaintiff and en-US en-US % by the defendant. Uninsured expenses exceeding the annual ordinary en-USmedical amount for the year they are incurred that are not paid within 28 days of a written payment request may be enforced en-USby the friend of the court. The annual ordinary medical amount is en-US en-US . American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com Uniform Child Support Order, No Friend of the Court Services þ (12/18) þ Page of Case No. þ 9. þ en-USOther:en-US (Attach separate sheets as needed.) en-USPlaintiff (if consent/stipulation) Date þ en-USDefendant (if consent/stipulation) Date en-USPlaintiff222s attorney Date þ en-USDefendant222s attorney Dateen-USPrepared by: en-USName (type or print) en-USDate þ en-USJudge Bar no.en-USI certify that on this date I served a copy of this order on the parties or their attorneys by first-class mail addressed to their last- known addresses as defined in MCR 3.203. þ en-US I certify that I also served the Deviation Addendum (FOC 10d) with this order. en-USDate þ en-USSignatureen-USCERTIFICATE OF MAILING en-USCOURT USE ONLY American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com

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