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Civil Case Information Sheet

This is a Texas form that can be used for Harris within Local County.

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American LegalNet, Inc. Instructions for Completing the Texas Civil Case Information Sheet A civil case information sheet must be completed and submitted when an original petition or application is filed to initiate a new civil, family law, probate, or mental health case or when a post-judgment petition for modification or motion for enforcement is filed in a family law case. The information should be the best available at the time of filing. If the original petition, application or post-judgment petition or motion is e-filed, the case information sheet must not be the lead document. This sheet, required by Rule 78a of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, is intended to collect information that will be used for statistical and administrative purposes only. It neither replaces nor supplements the filings or service of pleading or other documents as required by law or rule. The sheet does not constitute a discovery request, response, or supplementation, and it is not admissible at trial. The attorney or self-represented (pro se) plaintiff/petitioner filing the case or post-judgment petition or motion should complete the sheet as follows: 1. Contact information a) Contact information for person completing case information sheet. Enter the following information: · name; · address; · city, state, and zip code; · email address; · telephone number; · fax number, if available; · State Bar number, if the person is an attorney; and · signature. (NOTE: When a case information sheet is submitted electronically, the signature may be a scanned image or "/s/" and the name of the person completing the case information sheet typed in the space where the signature would otherwise appear.) b) Names of parties in the case. Enter the name(s) of the: (NOTE: If the name of a party to a case is confidential, enter the party's initials rather than the party's name.) · plaintiff(s) or petitioner(s); · defendant(s) or respondent(s); and · in child support cases, additional parties in the case, including the: o custodial parent; o non-custodial parent; and o presumed father. Attach an additional page as necessary to list all parties. c) Person or entity completing sheet is. Indicate whether the person completing the sheet, or the entity for which the sheet is being completed, is: · an attorney for the plaintiff or petitioner; · a pro se (self-represented) plaintiff or petitioner; · the Title IV-D agency; or · other (provide name of person or entity). 2. Case type. Select the case category that best reflects the most important issue in the case. You must select only one. 3. Procedure or remedy. If applicable, select any of the available procedures or remedies being sought in the case. You may select more than one. 4. Damages sought. Select the damages being sought in the case: (NOTE: If the claim is governed by the Family Code, do not indicate the damages sought.) · only monetary relief of $100,000 or less, including damages of any kind, penalties, costs, expenses, pre-judgment interest and attorney fees; · monetary relief over $100,000 or less and non-monetary relief; · monetary relief over $100,000 but nor more than $200,000; · monetary relief over $200,000 but less than $1,000,000; or · monetary relief over $1,000,000. Rev 2/13 American LegalNet, Inc.

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