Patients Request For Medical Payment {CMS-1490S} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Official Federal Forms

Patients Request For Medical Payment {CMS-1490S}

Patients Request For Medical Payment {CMS-1490S} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Official Federal Forms

Patients Request For Medical Payment Form

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This is a Official Federal Forms form that can be used for Centers For Medicare And Medicaid Services.

Last updated: 5/2/2006
DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES FORM APPROVED CENTERS FOR MEDICARE & MEDICAID SERVICES OMB NO 0938-0008 PATIENTS REQUEST FOR MEDICAL PAYMENT IMPORTANT SEE OTHER SIDE FOR INSTRUCTIONS PLEASE TYPE OR PRINT INFORMATION MEDICAL INSURANCE BENEFITS SOCIAL SECURITY ACT NOTICE: Anyone who misrepresents or falsifies essential information requested by this form may upon conviction be subject to fine and imprisonment under Federal law. No Part B Medicare benefits may be paid unless this form is received as required by existing law and regulations (20 CFR 422.510). Name of Beneficiary from Health Insurance Card S END COMPLETED FORM TO: (Last) (First) (Middle)Your Medicare Carrier If you need help, call 1-800-MEDICARE 1 (1-800-633-4227) Claim Number from Health Insurance Card Patients Sex 2 nn Male nn Female Patients Mailing Address (City, State, Zip Code) Telephone Number Check here if this is a new address nn (Include Area Code) ( ) 3 (Street or P.O. Box Include Apartment Number) 3b _ (City) (State) (Zip) Describe the illness or injury for which patient received treatment Condition was related to: A. Patients employment 4b nn Yes nn No B. Accident 4 nn Auto nn Other Was patient being treated with chronic dialysis or kidney transplant? 4c nn Yes nn No a. Are you employed and covered under an employee health plan? nnYes nnNo b. Is your spouse employed and are you covered under your spouses employee health plan? nn Yes nn No c. If you have any medical coverage other than Medicare, such as private insurance, employment related insurance, State Agency (Medicaid), or the VA, complete: 5 Name and Address of other insurance, State Agency (Medicaid), or VA office Policy or Medical Assistance No. Policyholders Name: Note: If you DO NOT want payment information on this claim released, put an (X) herenn I AUTHORIZE ANY HOLDER OF MEDICAL OR OTHER INFORMATION ABOUT ME TO RELEASE TO THE SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION AND CENTERS FOR MEDICARE & MEDICAID SERVICES OR ITS INTERMEDIARIES OR CARRIERS ANY INFORMATION NEEDED FOR THIS OR A RELATED MEDICARE CLAIM.I PERMIT A COPY OF THIS AUTHORIZATION TO BE USED IN PLACE OF THE ORIGINAL, AND REQUEST PAYMENT OF MEDICAL INSURANCE BENEFITS TO ME. Signature of Patient (If patient is unable to sign, see Block 6 on reverse) Date signed 6 6b IMPORTANT ATTACH ITEMIZED BILLS FROM YOUR DOCTOR(S) OR SUPPLIER(S) TO THE BACK OF THIS FORM Form CMS-1490S (SC) (01/05) EF 02/2005 American LegalNet, Inc.<<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 HOW TO FILL OUT THIS MEDICARE FORM Medicare will pay you directly when you complete this form and attach an itemized bill from your doctor or supplier. Your bill does not have to be paid before you submitthis claim for payment, but you MUSTattach an itemized bill in order for Medicare to process this claim. Mai l your completed claim form to the Medicare Carrier responsiblefor processing your claim. If you do not know the address of your carrie r, call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227). FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY: A. Completion of this form. Block 1. Print your name shown on your Medicare Card (Last Name, First Name, Mid dle Name). Block 2. Print your Health Insurance Claim Number including the letter at the end exactlyas it is shown on your Medicare card. Check the appropriate box for the patients sex. Block 3. Furnish your mailing address and include your telephone number in Block 3b. Block 4. Describe the illness or injury for which you received treatment. Check t he appropriate box in Blocks 4b and 4c. Block 5a. Complete this Block if you are age 65 or older and enrolled in a health insurance plan where you are currently working. Block 5b. Complete this Block if you are age 65 or older and enrolled in a health insurance plan where your spouse is currently working. Block 5c. Complete this Block if you have any medical coverage other than Medicare. Be sure to provide the Policy or Medical Assistance Number. You may check the box provided if you do not wish payment information from this claim rele ased to your other insurer. Block 6. Be sure to sign your name. If you cannot write your name, make an (X) mark. Then have a witness sign his or her name and address in Block 6too. If you are completing this form for another Medicare patient you should write (By) and sign your name and address inBlock 6. You also should show your relationship to the patient and briefly explain why the patien t cannot sign. Block 6b. Print the date you completed this form. B. Each itemized bill MUSTshow all of the following information: Date of each service Place of each service Doctor s Office Independent Laboratory Outpatient Hospital Nursing Home Patients Home Inpatient Hospital Description of each surgical or medical service or supply furnished. Charge for EACH service. Doctors or suppliers name and address. Many times a bill will show the names of several doc tors or suppliers. ITIS VERY IMPORTANTTHE ONE WHO TREATED YOU BE IDENTIFIED. Simply circle his/her name on the bill. It is helpful if the diagnosis is also shown on the physicians bill. If not, be sure you have completed Block 4of this form. Mark out any services on the bill(s) you are attaching for which you h ave already filed a Medicare claim. If the patient is deceased, please contact your Social Security office for instructions on how to file a claim. Attach an Explanation of Medicare Benefits notice from the other insurer if you are also requesting Medicare payment. COLLECTION AND USE OF MEDICARE INFORMA TION We are authorized by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to ask you for information needed in the administration of the Medicare program. Authority to collect information is in section 205(a), 1872 and 1875 o f the Social Security Act, as amended. The information we obtain to complete your Medicare claim is used to ide ntify you and to determine your eligibility. It is also used to decide if the services and supplies you received are covered by Medicare and to insure that proper payment is made. The information may also be given to other providers of services, carrie rs, intermediaries, medical review boards, and other organizations as necessary to administer the Medicare program. For example, it may be nec essary to disclose information to a hospital or doctor about the Medicare benefits you have used. With one exception, which is discussed below, there are no penalties under Social Security law for refusing to suppl y information. However,