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4007. Third Party Assistance | Pdf Doc Docx | Jury Instructions

4007. Third Party Assistance

This is a California Jury Instructions form that can be used for Lanterman-Petris-Short Act.

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4007. Third Party Assistance Instruction No 1 Request by Plaintiff Given as Proposed Refused Withdrawn Request by Defendant Given as Modified Requested by Given on Court's Motion Judge Instruction No 1 A person is not "gravely disabled" if [he/she] can survive safely with the help of third party assistance. Third party assistance is the aid of family, friends, or others who are responsible, willing, and able to help provide for the person's basic needs for food, clothing, or shelter. You must not consider offers by family, friends, or others unless they [have testified to/stated specifically in writing] their willingness and ability to help provide [name of respondent] with food, clothing, or shelter. Well-intended offers of assistance are not sufficient unless they will ensure the person can survive safely. [Assistance provided by a correctional facility does not constitute third party assistance.] ________________________________________________________________________________ New June 2005

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