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Immigration Practitioner Complaint Form {EOIR-44} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Official Federal Forms

Immigration Practitioner Complaint Form {EOIR-44}

This is a Official Federal Forms form that can be used for Executive Office For Immigration Review within US Department Of Justice.

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U.S. Department of Justice Executive Office for Immigration Review Your NAME and ADDRESSAddress OMB#1125-0007 Immigration Practitioner/Organization Complaint Form Mr. Mrs. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ms. First (Middle Initial) Last Alien Number of Case Related to Complaint ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Number and Street Apt. No. City State Zip Code Telephone Number: Home: (___)______________________________ Work: (___)________________________________________ Name of ATTORNEY, REPRESENTATIVE, or ORGANIZATION against whom you wish to file a complaint. __________________________________________________________________________________________ First (Middle Initial) Last Representative ___________________________________________________________________________________________ First (Middle Initial) Last Organization __________________________________________________________________________________________ Name of Organization ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Number and Street Suite Number City State Zip Code Office Telephone Number: (____)__________________Email address (if any):__________________________@_______________ Have you or a member of your family complained about this matter to anyone else (such as a state bar or consumer protection agency)? Yes No If yes, please provide details, including to whom the complaint was made (including name and address of the entity), its approximate date, and any disposition. (Use additional paper if necessary.) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Did you hire the attorney or representative/organization? Yes No If yes, give the approximate date of employment and the amount paid, if any. If no, what is your connection with the attorney, representative, or organization? (Use additional paper if necessary.) Attach a copy of your retainer agreement or contract if you have one. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Explain the circumstances and details of your complaint on additional sheets of paper. Include a statement of what the attorney or representative/organization did or did not do, and a narrative of the facts as you understand them. Do not include opinions or arguments. If you employed the attorney or representative/organization, state what work was supposed to be performed for you. Sign and date each separate piece of paper and attach copies of any pertinent or supporting documents. I, the undersigned, hereby certify that the statements in this complaint are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I waive the attorney-client privilege and any other confidentiality protections under the Freedom of Information Act/Privacy Act necessary to conduct an inquiry including, but not limited to, making referrals and disclosures to state attorney discipline authorities and any other law enforcement authorities for the purpose of investigating, examining, and/or taking disciplinary action against the attorney, representative, or organization as necessary. I hereby permit the Executive Office for Immigration Review to release any and all records in its system of records for the purpose of conducting such an inquiry. Mail Complaint to: Office of the General Counsel Attn: Disciplinary Counsel Executive Office for Immigration Review 5107 Leesburg Pike, Suite 2600 Signature________________________________________ Attorney Falls Church, VA 22041 Date____________________________________________ Page 1 of 3 Form EOIR-44 Rev. Jan 2017 American LegalNet, Inc. Instructions for Filing a Complaint Against an Attorney, Representative, or Recognized Organization Every immigration practitioner (private attorney, accredited representative, law student, and others) authorized to practice before the Board of Immigration Appeals (Board), Immigration Courts, and the Department of Homeland Security is obligated to observe high standards of ethical conduct and professional behavior. Every immigration practitioner and every EOIR recognized organization is subject to the Rules of Professional Conduct for Practitioners (Rules) set forth at 8 C.F.R. §§1003.101-1003.111. These rules govern an immigration practitioner's and recognized organization's actions. The following are examples of behavior that may provide grounds for an investigation: charging grossly excessive fees engaging in conduct lacking competence or diligence knowingly or recklessly making a false statement of material fact or otherwise misleading and/or misinforming any person, including knowingly or recklessly offering evidence known to be false making false or misleading communications about qualifications or services providing ineffective assistance of counsel as found by the Board of Immigration Appeals or an Immigration Judge repeatedly failing to appear for scheduled hearings in a timely manner without good cause failing to maintain communication with a client failing to abide by a client's decision in a case failing to adequately supervise an accredited representative employing, receiving services from, or affiliating with an individual who performs an activity that constitutes the unauthorized practice of law or immigration fraud Some conduct on the part of practitioners and organizations falls outside the parameters of the Rules. The Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) Disciplinary Counsel (DC) is unable to investigate those activities falling outside the Rules and cannot: give you legal advice or otherwise represent you, or recommend a particular attorney, firm, or organization compel an attorney or representative to act for you, or tell your attorney or representative how to proceed with your case or to refund your fee investigate complaints about Department of Homeland Security attorneys Confidentiality Generally, information about complaints or preliminary inquiries is confidential. However, by signing this complaint form, you waive the attorney-client privilege and any other confidentiality and/or privacy protections with respect to the practitioner's or organization's handling of an

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