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Itemized Statement Of Charges For Travel {25T} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | North Carolina

Itemized Statement Of Charges For Travel {25T}

This is a North Carolina form that can be used for Workers Comp.

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FORM 25T 12/2017 PAGE 1 OF 1 NOTICE TO INJURED EMPLOYEE: THIS FORM SHOULD BE RETURNED TO THE CARRIER A T THE ADDRESS ABOV E FOR PAYMENT. FOR ASSISTANCE, CALL: N.C. INDUSTRIAL COMMISSION MAIN TELEPHONE: (919) 807-2500 HELPLINE: ( 800 ) 68 8 - 8349 FORM 25T North Carolina Industrial Commission IC File # I TEMIZED STATEMENT OF CHARGES FOR TRAVEL Emp. Code # Carrier Code # The Use of This Form Is Required Under the Provisions of the Workers' Compensation Act Carrier File # Employer FEIN () -Employee222s Name Employer's Name Telephone Number A ddress Employer222s Address City State Zip City State ZipInsurance Carrier ( ) - ( ) - Home Telephone Work TelephoneCarrier's Address City State Zip () - () - Carrier's Telephone Number Fax Number Employees are entitled to reimbursement of $0.545 per mile for travel for medical treatment, provided they travel 20 miles or more roundtrip, starting January 1, 2018. Special consideration will be given to employees who are totally disabled. No reimbursement is allowed for trips to purchase medications or supplies unless medically necessary. These items must be purchased on visits to medical providers (G.S. 247 97-25). DATE NAME OF MEDICAL PROVIDERCITY TOTAL MILESROUNDTRIP / / / / / / / / / / OTHER EXPENSES If overnight stay is necessary, the following items will be approved as submitted. (Receipts must be furnished for ca r rier222s file.) Total motel expense (actual, up to $71.20 per day in-state or $84.10 per day out-of-state): Total Miles: Total meal expense ($8.40 Breakfast, $11.00 Lunch,and $18.90 in-state or $21.60 out-of-state Dinne r ): X [mileage rate] * Total parking & cab expense (actual charge): Other expenses: Total for other expenses: Total all expenses: *Prior mileage rates are as follows: (a) $0.535 for 2017; (b) $0.54 for 2016; (c) $0.575 for 2015; (c) $0.56 for 2014; (e) $0.565 for 2013. I hereby certify that I have incurred all expenses listed above as a result of my workers' compensation injury. Employee signature Carrier222s approval Employee: Mail your bill in duplicate promptly to employer and/or insurance carrier Employer or Carrier/Administrator: Travel may be reimbursed directly to the employee. It is not necessary to submit bills to the Commission for approval. Pay and retain copy in carrier's file. American LegalNet, Inc.

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