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Judgment In Action For Summary Ejectment Criminal Activity {CVM-403} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | North Carolina

Judgment In Action For Summary Ejectment Criminal Activity {CVM-403}

This is a North Carolina form that can be used for Small Claims within Statewide.

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File No. STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA In The General Court Of Justice County District Court Division-Small Claims This action was tried before the undersigned on the cause stated in the complaint. The record shows that the JUDGMENT IN ACTION FOR defendant was given proper notice of the nature of the action and the date, time and location of the trial. SUMMARY EJECTMENT FINDINGS The Court finds that: CRIMINAL ACTIVITY 1. the plaintiff has proved the case by the greater weight of the evidence. 2. the plaintiff has failed to prove the case by the greater weight of the evidence. G.S. 42-63 3. the defendant(s) was was not present at trial. Name And Address Of Plaintiff 4. the tenant proved an affirmative defense under G.S. 42-64. 5. Other: ORDER It is ORDERED that: (eviction) the defendant(s) named below be removed from and the plaintiff be put in possession of the premises described in the complaint. Name Of Defendant(s) Ordered Removed Social Security No./Taxpayer ID No. County Telephone No. (partial eviction) the defendant(s) named below immediately vacate the premises described below, and the defendant(s) named below is barred from returning to the premises described in the complaint as well as the entire complex of buildings or the mobile home park and all real property used in connection therewith, including streets, VERSUS sidewalks and common area that make up the entire premises owned by the plaintiff. Failure to comply with thisName And Address Of First Defendant Order may subject the defendant(s) named below to contempt or to a charge of a criminal violation. Name Of Defendant(s) Barred From Premises Description Of Premises (include location) (conditional eviction) as an express condition of the lease between the landlord and tenant, the defendant/tenant, shall not give permission to or invite the person named below to return to or reenter any portion of the entire premises owned by the landlord and if the person named below returns to the defendants individual rental unit, the defendant/tenant shall notify law enforcement or the landlord immediately upon learning of the return orCounty Telephone No. reentry. The defendant/tenant shall (state other conditions, if any) Name Of Person Barred From Premises (may be person named above or someone barred by rules of publicly assisted landlord)Name And Address Of Second Defendant The defendant/tenant shall sign the acknowledgment below. this action be dismissed with prejudice. Other: Costs of the action are taxed to the plaintiff. defendant. Date Judgment Announced And Signed In Open Court Name Of Party Announcing Appeal In Open Court Signature Of Magistrate County Telephone No. CERTIFICATION ACKNOWLEDGMENT BY DEFENDANT/TENANTName And Address Of Plaintiffs Attorney Or Agent (NOTE: To be used when magistrate does not announce and sign this I understand the terms of the conditional eviction against me stated above. Judgment in open court at the conclusion of the trial.) I certify that this Judgment has been served on each party named by depositing a I understand that my failure to comply with the Courts order will result in the copy in a post-paid properly addressed envelope in a post office or official termination of my lease, and that I will be evicted. depository under the exclusive care and custody of the United States Postal Date Signature Of Magistrate Date Signature Of Tenant AOC-CVM-403, New 10/95, 1999 Administrative Office of the Courts

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