Judgment In Action For Expedited Summary Ejectment For Vacation Rental Agreement {CVM-206} | Pdf Docx | North Carolina

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Judgment In Action For Expedited Summary Ejectment For Vacation Rental Agreement {CVM-206} | Pdf Docx | North Carolina

Judgment In Action For Expedited Summary Ejectment For Vacation Rental Agreement {CVM-206}

This is a North Carolina form that can be used for Small Claims within Statewide.

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File No. STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA Film No. In The General Court Of Justice County District Court Division-Small Claims This action was tried before the undersigned on the cause stated in the complaint. The record shows that the JUDGMENT defendant(s) was given proper notice of the nature of the action and the date, time and location of trial. IN ACTION FOR FINDINGS EXPEDITED SUMMARY EJECTMENT The Court finds that: FOR VACATION RENTAL AGREEMENT 1. a. the plaintiff has proved the case by the greater weight of the evidence. b. the plaintiff has failed to prove the case by the greater weight of the evidence. G.S. 42A-24 Name And Address Of Plaintiff 2. the defendant(s) was was not present at trial. 3. the amount of the bond that tenant must file to stay the execution upon appeal is $ . 4. Other: ORDER County Telephone No. It is ORDERED that: 1. the defendant(s) must vacate the premises by the date and time listed below and, if the defendant(s) fails to vacate by that time, the defendant(s) be removed from and the plaintiff be put in possession of VERSUS Name And Address Of Defendant 1 the premises described in the complaint. Date Time (must be between 2 and 8 hours after judgment) AM PM 2. this action be dismissed with prejudice. 3. Other: (specify) County Telephone No. 4. costs of this action are taxed to the plaintiff. defendant. Name And Address Of Defendant 2 Date Signature Of Magistrate Name Of Party Announcing Appeal In Open Court Judgment Announced And Signed In Open Court CERTIFICATION OF SERVICE County Telephone No. I certify that I handed a copy of this order to the defendant(s) at the hearing. Name And Address Of Plaintiffs Attorney Date Signature Of Magistrate NOTE TO MAGISTRATE: You are required to enter the written judgment in this case immediately and may not reserve judgment as in other small claims cases. If the defendant is present in the courtroom when you render your judgment, you must give the defendant a copy of the judgment and certify on the original judgment that you have done so. If you are unable to serve the defendant in the courtroom, the plaintiff should be given a copy of the order to take to a law enforcement officer for service on the defendant. AOC-CVM-206, New 11/99 (Over) 1999 Administrative Office of the Courts <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 of territory Clerk the the over with Return return Making jurisdiction your Return Officer with file Making must officer Officer Enforcement you COURTROOM Law Of THE property. property. service, Enforcement enforcement IN magistrate. Defendant Defendant Agency Law 1 2 law Of Of Of Of Upon the following following Any Name Judgment. Name Judgment. Name Name with SERVED it the the the the follows: NOT PM of PM of file of of Judgment. as DEFENDANT DEFENDANT IF RETURN: door door this must copy copy AM AM a a served you front front serve SERVICE and MAKING the the OF above above may open, on on not Return is received Served named Served named ReceivedOf OFFICER located RETURN is Courts Time Time Date Date was office 11/99 Judgment Judgment the of the the New defendant defendant of of defendant Clerks Office the the or Two, Judgment Posted Posted the to copy to copy ENFORCEMENT If Side this a a Where Where LAW property that Court. Property Property TO the Administrative delivering posting delivering posting Of Of Fee By By By By certify Served Served 1999 I NOTE where Superior AOC-CVM-206, Date Address Date Address Service $By

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