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Pre-Trial And Settlement Conference Statement | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | New York

Pre-Trial And Settlement Conference Statement

This is a New York form that can be used for Northern District within Federal, District Court.

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Attachment 1 PRETRIAL & SETTLEMENT CONFERENCE STATEMENT ( NOT FOR PUBLIC VIEW ) ** THIS DOCUMENT WILL BE PROVIDED TO THE CLERK AND NOT FILED IN ACCORDANCE WITH L.R. 5.7CASE NAME: vs. ACTION NO.: ASSIGNED JUDGE: ASSIGNED MAGISTRATE JUDGE: Each Attorney is required to submit the following information on behalf of his or her client inshort, concise form, in order to present a brief overview of the facts of the case. This information willbe used by the Court during the scheduled final pretrial/settlement conference and therefore, must beprovided to the Court five (5) days in advance of the conference date.PARTY/PARTIES REPRESENTED: (use additional page if necessary) A BRIEF PERSONAL HISTORY REGARDING YOUR CLIENT(S): (use additional page if necessary) <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2A BRIEF STATEMENT OF THE FACTS OF THE CASE: (use additional page if necessary)A BRIEF STATEMENT OF THE CLAIMS AND DEFENSES, i.e., STATUTORY OROTHER GROUNDS UPON WHICH THE CLAIMS ARE FOUND; AN EVALUATION OFTHE PARTIES LIKELIHOOD OF PREVAILING ON THE CLAIMS AND DEFENSES;AND A DESCRIPTION OF THE MAJOR ISSUES IN DISPUTE. SET FORTH ANYDEMANDS OR OFFERS FOR SETTLEMENT (use additional page if necessary)A SUMMARY OF THE PROCEEDINGS TO DATE: (use additional page if necessary)<<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3AN ESTIMATE OF THE COST AND TIME TO BE EXPENDED FOR FURTHERDISCOVERY, PRETRIAL AND TRIAL: (use additional page if necessary)A BRIEF STATEMENT OF THE FACTS AND ISSUES UPON WHICH THE PARTIESAGREE: (use additional page if necessary)ANY DISCREET ISSUES WHICH, IF RESOLVED, WOULD AID IN THE DISPOSITIONOF THE CASE: (use additional page if necessary)THE RELIEF SOUGHT: (use additional page if necessary)<<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 4THE PARTIES POSITION ON SETTLEMENT, INCLUDING PRESENT DEMANDSAND OFFERS, THE HISTORY OF PAST SETTLEMENT DISCUSSIONS, OFFERS ANDDEMANDS: (use additional page if necessary)PREFERRED TRIAL LOCATION, APPROXIMATE LENGTH OF TRIAL, ANDWHETHER TRIAL IS JURY OR NON-JURY: The Court requires that each party be represented at each pretrial conference by an attorneywho has the authority to bind that party regarding all matters identified by the Court for discussion at theconference and all reasonably related matters including settlement authority. This document will not be filed and will not be made available for public view. Should the case be settled in advance of the settlement conference date, counsel are required tonotify the court immediately. Failure to do so could subject counsel for all parties to sanctions.Signature of Counsel: Dated:

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