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Employees Claim For Compensation Report Of Initial Treatment {C-4} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Nevada

Employees Claim For Compensation Report Of Initial Treatment {C-4}

This is a Nevada form that can be used for Workers Comp.

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EMPLOYEES CLAIM FOR COMPENSATION/REPORT OF INITIAL TREATMENT FORM C-4 PLEASE TYPE OR PRINT EMPLOYEES CLAIM PROVIDE ALL INFORMATION REQUESTED First Name M.I. Last Name Birthdate Sex Claim Number (Insurers Use Only) M F Home Address Age Height Weight Social Security Number City State Zip Telephone Physical Address City State Zip Primary Language Spoken INSURER THIRD-PARTY ADMINISTRATOR Employees Occupation (Job Title) When Injury or Occupational Disease Occurred Employers Name/Company Name Telephone Office Mail Address (Number and Street) Date of Injury (if applicable) Hours Injury (if applicable) Date Employer Notified Last Day of Work After Injury Supervisor to Whom Injury Reported or Occupational Disease am pm Address or Location of Accident (if applicable) What were you doing at the time of the accident? (if applicable) How did this injury or occupational disease occur? (Be specific and answer in det ail. Use additional sheet if necessary) If you believe that you have an occupational disease, wh en did you first have knowledge of the disability and its Witnesses to the Accident (if relationship to your employment? applicable) Nature of Injury or Occupational Disease Part(s) of Body Injured or Affected I CERTIFY THAT THE ABOVE IS TRUE AND CORRECT TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE AND THAT I HAVE PROVIDED THIS INFORMATION IN ORDER TO OBTAIN THE BENEFITS OF NEVADAS INDUSTRIAL INSURANCE AND OCCUPATIONAL DISEASES ACTS (NRS 616A TO 616D, INCLUSIVE OR CHAPTER 617 OF NRS). I HEREBY AUTHORIZE ANY PHYSICIAN, CHIROPRACTOR, SURGEON, PRACTITIONER, OR OTHER PERSON, ANY HOSPITAL, INCLUDING VETERANS ADMINISTRATION OR GOVERNMENTAL HOSPITAL, ANY MEDICAL SERVICE ORGANIZATION, ANY INSURANCE COMPANY, OR OTHER INSTITUTION OR ORGANIZATION TO RELEASE TO EACH OTHER, ANY MEDICAL OR OTHER INFORMATION, INCLUDING BENEFITS PAID OR PAYABLE, PERTINENT TO THIS INJURY OR DISEASE, EXCEPT INFORMATION RELATIVE TO DIAGNOSIS, TREATMENT AND/OR COUNSELING FOR AIDS, PSYCHOLOGICAL CONDITIONS, ALCOHOL OR CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES, FOR WHICH I MUST GIVE SPECIFIC AUTHORIZATION. A PHOTOSTAT OF THIS AUTHORIZATION SHALL BE AS VALID AS THE ORIGINAL. Date Place Employees Signature THIS REPORT MUST BE COMPLETED AND MAIL ED WITHIN 3 WORKING DAYS OF TREATMENT Place Name of Facility Date Diagnosis and Description of Injury or Occupational Disease Is there evidence that the injured employee was under the influence of alcohol and/or another controlled substance at the time of the accident? No Yes (if yes, please explain) Hour Treatment: Have you advised the patient to remain off work five days or more? Yes Indicate dates: from ____________ to __________________ No If no, is the injured employee capable of: full duty modified duty X-Ray Findings: If modified duty, specify any limitations/restrictions: _______________________ From information given by the employee, together with medical evidence, can you directly _________________________________________________________________ connect this injury or occupational disease as job incurred? Yes No _________________________________________________________________ Is additional medical care by a physician indicated? Yes No Do you know of any previous injury or disease contributing to this condition or occupational disease? Yes No (Explain if yes) Date Print Doctors Name I certify that the employers copy of this form was mailed to the employer on: Address INSURERS USE ONLY City State Zip Providers Tax I.D. Number Telephone Doctors Signature Degree ORIGINAL TREATING PHYSICIAN OR CHIROPRACTOR PAGE 2 INSURER/TPA PAGE 3 EMPLOYER PAGE 4 EMPLOYEE F orm C-4 (rev.01/03)

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