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Petition For Admission To Practice For Members Of Kansas Bar | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Missouri

Petition For Admission To Practice For Members Of Kansas Bar

This is a Missouri form that can be used for Western District within Federal, District Court.

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PETITION FOR ADMISSION TO PRACTICE FOR MEMBERS OF KANSAS BAR Instructions for completing the Reciprocity form: Print or type the application; signature and date required Return to forwarding address provided on application Submit the required $190.00 registration fee No swearing-in required Simply mail the form back to us and you will be entered into our database as an admitted attorney in "active" status. ______________________________________________________________________________ Requirement to maintain "active" status with the Western District of Missouri pursuant to Local Rule No. 83.5: (local rules are available via the Internet at Annual dues - An Attorney admitted to the Western District of Missouri is required to pay annual dues by March 31st of each year. Important Note: Failure to comply with the above requirement will result in the attorney's status lapsing to "inactive" status. A reinstatement fee and a letter requesting reinstatement is required to be reinstated to "active" status. ______________________________________________________________________________ Questions regarding the above information should be directed to: Jeri Russel, Attorney Admissions, WDMO Jefferson City, by phone at (573) 636-4015; or by fax at (573) 636-3456; or by mail at 80 Lafayette Street, Jefferson City, MO 65101 American LegalNet, Inc. UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT WESTERN DISTRICT OF MISSOURI PETITION FOR ADMISSION TO PRACTICE FOR MEMBERS OF KANSAS BAR Name Firm Name Address City State Zip Phone No. Soc. Sec No. Date of Birth Email Fax Will Serve as Law Clerk (if applicable) to: Judge's Name Bankruptcy Attorney Type (Check all that apply): Civil Criminal Complete the following: For admittance under U.S. District Court of Kansas Guidelines: U.S. District Court, Kansas Bar No. Date of Admission I am in good standing of the United States District Court, District of Kansas. Signature Please forward application to: Date In accordance with the Reciprocity Agreement: U.S. Courthouse Attn: Attorney Admissions 80 Lafayette Street Jefferson City, MO 65101 Receipt Number: ______________ $190.00 registration fee No swearing-in required Date: ______________________ Admission Date: ________________ Certificate Mailed: ______________ To maintain "active" status in the U.S. District Court, Western District of Missouri, you must pay annual dues by March 31st of each year. A notice will be sent to you from the Court at the beginning of each year. American LegalNet, Inc. Updated March 2014 United States District and Bankruptcy Courts Western District of Missouri Case Management/Electronic Case Files Attorney/Participant Registration Form This form shall be used to register for an account on the Court's Case Management/Electronic Case Files (CM/ECF) system. Registered attorneys and other participants will have privileges to electronically submit documents and to receive electronic notice of documents filed in the Western District of Missouri CM/ECF system in those cases in which the registered user is a participant. NOTE: This is a restricted Web site for official court business only. Unauthorized entry or use or any use that attempts to circumvent access controls or the PACER billing processes is prohibited and subject to prosecution under Title 18 of the U. S. Code. All activities and access attempts are logged and any prohibited actions may result in immediate withdrawal of access privileges, referral for prosecution and permanent suspension of filing and use privileges in any court of the Western District of Missouri. The following information is required for registration: First/Middle/Last Name: ________________________________________________________ Last Four Digits of Social Security Number: __________________________________ Attorney Bar #: _________________________ State: __________________________ Firm/Company Name: __________________________________________________________ Firm/Company Address: ________________________________________________________ Firm/Company City, State and Zip: ________________________________________________ Voice Phone Number: _______________________ FAX Number: ______________________ Internet E-Mail Address: ________________________________________________________ Please specify which court you are registering in (or both): _______ District _______ Bankruptcy By submitting this registration form, the undersigned agrees to abide by the following rules: 1. This system is for use only in cases permitted by the U.S. Courts for the Western District of Missouri. It may be used to file and view electronic documents, docket sheets, and notices. At this time, the requirements for filing, viewing, and retrieving case documents are: a personal computer running a standard platform such as Windows or Macintosh, an Internet provider using Point to Point Protocol (PPP), Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher or Mozilla Firefox 2.0, and Adobe Acrobat Writer software to convert documents from a word processor format to a portable document format (PDF). American LegalNet, Inc. 2. 3. Pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 11, Every pleading, motion, and other paper (except list, schedules, statement or amendments thereto) shall be signed by at least one attorney of record or, if the party is not represented by an attorney, all papers shall be signed by the party. An attorney's/participant's password issued by the court combined with the user's identification, serves as and constitutes the attorney/participant's signature. Therefore, an attorney/participant must protect and secure the password issued by the court. If there is any reason to suspect the password has been compromised in any way, it is the duty and responsibility of the attorney/participant to immediately notify the court. This should include the resignation or reassignment of the person with authority to use the password. The attorney/participant should change the password immediately. It is YOUR responsibility to keep your contact information current. If you relocate and/or change email addresses, it is imperative that those changes be made to your User Account. An attorney's/participant's registration will constitute a waiver in law of conventional service of documents. The attorney/participant agrees that the CM/ECF-generated notice of electronic service will constitute service of the electronic filing on behalf of the clien

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