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Monthly Cash Flow Statement {PROB 48B} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Missouri

Monthly Cash Flow Statement {PROB 48B}

This is a Missouri form that can be used for Eastern District within Federal, US Probation Office.

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OPROB 48B (9/00) Social Security Last Name Fir st Name Mi ddle Name Number Instructions for Completing Monthly Cash Flow Statement Having been convicted in the United States District Court, you are required to prepare and file with the probation officer a statement fully describing your financial resources, including a complete listing of all monthly cash inflows and outflows. If you are placed on probation or supervised release (or other types of supervision), you may be periodically required to provide updated information fully describing your financial resources and those of your spouse, significant others, or dependents, as described above, to keep a probation officer informed concerning compliance with any condition of supervision, including the payment of any criminal monetary penalties imposed by the court (see 18 U.S.C. 3603). Amendments were made to 18 U.S.C. 3663(a)(1)(B)(i), 3664(d)(3), and 3664(f)(2), and Rule 32(b)(4)(F) to clarify that the assets owned, jointly owned, or controlled by a defendant; liabilities, and the financial needs and earning ability of a defendant and a defendants dependents are all relevant to the courts decision regarding a defendants ability to pay. Your Cash Flow Statement should include assets or debts that are yours alone (I-Individual), assets or debts that are jointly (J-Joint) held by you and a spouse or significant other, assets or debts that are held by a spouse or significant other (S-Spouse or Significant Other) that you enjoy the benefits of or make occasional contributions toward, and assets or debts that are held by a dependent (D-Dependent) living in your home that you enjoy the benefits of or make occasional contributions toward. Please complete the Monthly Cash Flow Statement in its entirety. You must answer None to any item that is not applicable to your financial condition. Attach additional pages if you need more space for any item. All entries must be accompanied by supporting documentation (see Request for Cash Flow Statement Financial Records, Prob. 48C). Initial and date each page (including any attached pages) and sign and date the last page of the Cash Flow Statement. <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2OPROB 48B Page 2 of (9/00) Last Name - MONTHLY CASH FLOW STATEMENT Monthl y Cash Inflows Defendant Gross NetYour Salary/Wages (List both monthly gross earnings and take-home pay after payroll deductions.) Your Cash Advances (List all payroll advances or other advances from work.) Your Cash Bonuses (List all payments from work in addition to your salary that are not an advance.) Commissions (List all non-employee earnings as an independent contractor.) Business Income (List both monthly gross income and net income after deducting expenses.) Interest (List all interest earned each month.) Dividends (List all dividends earned each month.) Rental Income (List all monthly income received from real estate properties owned.) Trust Income (List all trust income earned each month.) Alimony/Child Support (List all alimony or child support payments received each month.) Social Security (List all payments received from Social Security.) Other Government Benefits (List all amounts received from the government not yet reported (e.g., Aid to Families with Dependent Children.) Pensions/Annuities (List all funds received from pensions and annuities each month.) Allowances-Housing/Auto/Travel (List all funds received from housing allowances, auto allowances, travel allowances, and any other kind of allowance.) Gratuities/Tips (List all gratuities and tips received each month from any and all sources.) Spouse/Significant Other Salary/Wages (List all gross and net monthly salary and wages received by your spouse or significant other.) Other Joint Spousal Income (List any monthly income jointly earned with your spouse or significant other [e.g., any income from spouse or income from a business owned or operated by the spouse that you have a joint ownership interest in or control]). Income of Others In-House (List all monthly income of others living in the household or the monthly amount actually paid for household bills by these persons.) Gifts from Family (List all amounts received as gifts from family members each month.) Gifts from Others (List all gifts received from any sources not yet reported.) Loans from Your Business (List all loan amounts received each month from all businesses owned or controlled by you.) Mortgage Loans (List all amounts received each month from mortgage loans owed to you.) Other Loans (List all other loan amounts received each month not yet reported.) Other (specify) (List all other amounts received each month not yet reported.) TOTALS Initials Date <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3OPROB 48B Page 3 of (9/00) Last Name - Necessary M onthly Cash Outflows Amount Rent or Mortgage (List monthly rental payment or mortgage payment.) Groceries (List the total monthly amount paid for groceries and number of people in your household.) # Utilities (List the monthly amount paid for electric, heating oil/gas, water/sewer, telephone, and basic cable.) Electric Heating Oil/Gas Water/Sewer Telephone Basic Cable (no premium channels) Transportation (List monthly amount paid for gasoline, motor oil, necessary auto repairs, or the cost of public transportation.) Insurance (List the monthly amount paid for auto, health, homeowner/rental, and life insurance.) Auto Health Homeowner/Rental Life Clothing (List the monthly amount actually paid for clothing.) Loan Payments (List all monthly amounts paid toward verified loans, other than loans to family members, which arenon-allowable expenses.) Credit Card Payments (List all monthly credit card or charge card payments.) Medical (List all monthly payments for necessary medical care or treatment.) Alimony/Child Support (List all alimony or child support payments made each month.) Co-payments (List the total monthly payments made for electronic monitoring and drug and mental health treatment.)Other (specify) (List all other necessary monthly amounts paid each month not yet reported.) Other Factors That May Affect Monthly Cash Flow (Describe) TOTAL NET MONTHLY CASH FLOW: (CASH INFL OWS LESS NECES SARY CASH OUTFLO WS) MONTHLY CRIMINAL MONETARY PENALTY PAYMENT: $ PROSPECT OF INCREASE IN CASH INFLOWS (Give a general statement of the prospective increase of the value of any cashinflows reported.) Signature Date <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 4

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