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Subpoena {21}

This is a Missouri form that can be used for Civil within Local Circuit Courts, 22nd Circuit (St. Louis City).

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STATE OF MISSOURI CITY OF ST LOUIS ) ) SS MISSOURI CIRCUIT COURT TWENTY-SECOND JUDICIAL COURT (ST. LOUIS CITY) SUBPOENA (Order to Appear and/or Produce Document) Plaintiff/Petitioner ( ) Attorney for Plaintiff/Petitioner vs. Cause No. Division No. Defendant/Respondent ( ) Attorney for Defendant/Respondent THE STATE OF MISSOURI, TO GREETING: YOU ARE HEREBY COMMANDED. That setting aside all manner of excuse and delay, you be and appear at in the City of St. Louis, on the day of , at and thereafter from time to time until the case can be disposed of or you are finally discharged. To testify on behalf of To produce the following: o'clock .M., Thomas L. Kloeppinger CIRCUIT CLERK The attorney or party requesting attendance of witness is : FORM 21 (12/99ML) The date and hour that your testimony shall be required cannot be stated with certainty. Therefore, you are directed to telephone at , between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM on , at which time you will be further instructed concerning your appearance. Such instruction may require that you appear on a subsequent date, without further personal service. American LegalNet, Inc. OFFICER'S RETURN Served a copy hereof, in the City of St. Louis, Missouri, on the (by reading same) (by delivering a true copy) to the within names witness. To summoning the witness To the return of the non est on this subpoena To miles traveled serving this subpoena TOTAL FEES Sheriff of the City of St. Louis By day of , $ $ $ $ Deputy INSTRUCTIONS TO APPLY FOR WITNESS FEE After the witness has testified of has been dismissed, the witness shall take this copy to the Office of the Circuit Clerk, or to the appropriate Division Clerk, for entry on the books as provided by law. Otherwise, witness fees cannot be taxed. WITNESS CLAIM I hereby certify that I am entitled to days and miles for service as a witness under a subpoena. Witness signature Subscribed and sworn before me and entered this day of , Circuit Clerk Thomas L. Kloeppinger American LegalNet, Inc.

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